Isle Esme

Isle Esme is the fictional location of Edward and Bella’s honeymoon.The island was originally a gift from Carlisle to Esme and is used by the Cullens as a remote vacation spot.

The island looks like a triangle from a distance because it has a small hill covered with vegetation. It has palm trees and sparkling beaches and is surrounded by warm, tropical waters. Bella is able to play with dolphins there. It is reached by boat from Rio de Janeiro and lies many miles out at sea from the city.

An interesting point about Isle Esme is that it is part of one of the few bloopers in Breaking Dawn. The island was described in the book as being west of Rio de Janeiro. Since Rio faces the Atlantic Ocean to its east, the Island cannot be to the west.

Although Isle Esme is fictions, there are many beautiful islands off the coast of Brazil.

Isle Esme is serviced by locals who go out to the island to clean it and look after the property. The home there is large, with an open floor plan, multiple bedrooms, large windows, and also has electricity and working plumbing.  To film the honeymoon scenes, the Summit used the Casa Em Paraty Resort for the Island. It is a remote resort on the coast of Brazil that contains a home similar to the one described in the book. Images of the interior can be seen here.

Below are some exterior views of the resort used for the movie.

from the sea

air shot