Full Name: Tia

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: Unknown

Date of Change: Unknown

Originally from: Egypt

Hair color: “Midnight”

Eye color: Vampire Burgundy

Height: Unknown

Physical description: Bella describes her as having “midnight hair and [an] olive toned pallor” (BD32)

Special Talents: None

Family members: Egyptian Coven with Amun, Kebi, and Benjamin – Benjamin is her mate

Personal history: Benjamin and Tia are the younger members of the Egyptian coven.  The coven members look so alike that they could pass for a biological family.  They seem to revolve around Benjamin as if he has some “invisible magnetism.”  (BD32)

Carlisle sends the Egyptian coven to help.  Tia is quiet and very insightful.  Benjamin and Tia listen to Renesmee’s “explanation” and are convinced.  Even though Amun wants to leave, Benjamin persuades him to stay with the threat that he and Tia would leave his coven.  Benjamin and Tia become fast friends with the Denali and Irish covens. (BD32)

When Alistair leaves, Amun argues with Carlisle and Benjamin.  Amun wants to leave too.  Tia and Benjamin are committed to doing the right thing and stay.  Tia further declares that they will fight the Volturi to protect their freedom, and Benjamin agrees.  (BD34)

At the clearing, the witnesses cluster to the left and right of the members of the Cullens and Denali clan that make up the front line. (BD35)  When the battle with the Volturi seems imminent, Benjamin and Tia share an intimate moment.  (BD37)  With the arrival of Alice and other witnesses, the situation is resolved, and the Volturi leave.  Benjamin and Tia embrace.  (BD38)  They leave to let Amun and Kebi know what happened.  (BD39)

Portrayed in the films by: Angela Sarafyan

Prepared by: Anny