The Humans

There are many humans in and around Forks that are part of the Twilight story. Below is a list of the various students and family members who make up the human community as well as a list of the teachers at Forks High School and the subjects that they teach.

Cheney, Ben

Crowley, Tyler

Dwyer, Renee

J. Jenks

Mallory, Lauren

Marks, Austin

Marshall, Katie


Newton, Mike

Stanley, Jessica

Swan, Charlie

Webber, Angela

Yorkie, Eric

Teachers at Forks High School (Use this link to learn more about all the teachers)

Mr. Banner – Biology

Mr. Berty – Grade 12 English

Coach Clapp – Physical Education

Mrs. Cope – Administrative Secretary

Mr. Greene – Principal

Mr. Jefferson – Government

Mr. Varner – Calculus, Trigonometry

Mr. Mason – Grade 11 English

Mrs. Goff –

Nurse Julia Hammond – nurse