Full Name: Siobhan

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: Unknown

Date of Change: Unknown

Originally from: Ireland

Hair color: Unknown

Eye color: Vampire Burgundy

Height: Unknown

Physical description: “a woman of immense presence whose huge body was both beautiful and mesmerizing as it moved in smooth undulations” (BD32)

Special Talents: She has the ability to picture an outcome to an event and will it into existence, although she herself doubts this talent’s existence. (BD34, BD-VI)


Family members: Her mate, Liam, and Maggie

Personal history: Carlisle believes that she is talented, but Siobhan thinks that it is good planning.  For example, she wanted things to work out when Maggie joined her coven even though Liam was territorial, and they did.  (BD23)

Siobhan is the leader of the Irish coven.  Carlisle sends the Irish coven to help.  After Maggie declares that Edward is telling the truth, Siobhan and Liam listen to Renesmee’s “explanation.”  (BD32)  After Maggie says that she will fight the Volturi, Siobhan is worried and talks with Carlisle.  He encourages Siobhan to visualize a peaceful outcome and will it to come true.  If that is the case, Siobhan says that her coven does not have to commit to a fight with the Volturi.  (BD34)

At the clearing, the witnesses cluster to the left and right of the members of the Cullens and Denali clan that make up the front line.  (BD35)  Aro questions Siobhan about Renesmee.  Siobhan responds that she is aware of her differences and blends well with other humans.  She believes that Renesmee will not expose the vampire world.  However, Aro responds that Renesmee is still a danger.  When the fight seems imminent, Chelsea first tries to break the bindings with Siobhan and Liam.  (BD37)  With the arrival of Alice and other witnesses, the situation is resolved, and the Volturi leave.  Maggie congratulates Siobhan.  (BD38)

Carlisle compliments Siobhan for her “wishful thinking.”  Siobhan vows to stand together if the Volturi come back.  Carlisle asks the Irish coven to find Alistair and let him know what happened with the Volturi so that he can come out of hiding.  After saying their goodbyes, the Irish coven leaves.  (BD39)

Portrayed in the films by: Lisa Howard

Prepared by: Anny