Full Name: Sasha (BD Vampire Index)

Status: Vampire (deceased)

Date of Birth: Before 1000’s (PC1)

Date of Change:

Originally from: Presumed to be from Slovakia

Hair color:

Eye color:


Physical description:

Special Talents:


Family members: Member of the Denali coven – Possibly the creator (BD2)

Personal history: Even though her name is not specifically listed, Sasha was the creator/mother of Tanya, Kate, and Irina, the three Denali sisters. She secretly created an immortal child [Vasilii]. Since immortal children were unable to keep the secret that vampires exist, the Volturi determined that they needed to be destroyed and the practice was eliminated. It is not known why Sasha created an immortal child. However, she knew the consequences of this decision. Sasha and her illegal creation were already prisoners of the Volturi. The Denali sisters did not know of his existence until they saw him burning in their mother’s arms. Because Aro knew the sisters were innocent, the Volturi pardoned them. Sasha’s death left Tanya, Kate, and Irena deeply wounded and very respectful of the law. (BD2)

Portrayed in the films by: Andrea Powell

Prepared by: Anny