Renesmee Cullen

Cullen Crest
Full Name: Renesmee “Nessie” Carlie Cullen

Status: Vampire-Human hybrid

Date of Birth: September 10th, 2006

Date of Change: Birth

Originally from: Forks, Washington

Hair color: Bronze curls

Eye color: Chocolate brown

Height: In flux

Physical description: Renesmee has “shiny bronze-colored hair” that falls “in ringlets” and “chocolate brown eyes.” Her skin runs hot, only a few degrees cooler than Jacob’s and “glowed like backlit alabaster; the color in her cheeks was rose petals against it.” (BD22, BD23)

Special Talents: Renesmee can project her thoughts into another mind when she touches them with her palms. She also has the ability to enter any mind she wishes, even ones that are shielded like Bella’s.


Family members: Her parents Edward and Bella; grandparents Charlie, Renee, Esme, and Carlisle; her aunts Rosalie and Alice; her uncles Emmett and Jasper; and her soul mate, Jacob.

Personal history: When Edward and Bella went on their honeymoon, fulfilling Bella’s one human condition, they conceived Renesmee. At first, Edward was desperate to remove the fetus from Bella before the baby sucked Bella’s life away, but Bella was even more determined to survive the pregnancy and bring her baby into the world. Bella chose the name Renesmee in honor of her mother, Renee, and her mother-in-law, Esme.

Renesmee grew from conception to birth in one month and, although the process of her birth almost killed Bella, both ultimately survived. Moments after her birth, she met Jacob for the first time and he imprinted.

Renesmee continued to grow at an exponentially advanced rate even after her birth. When Irina comes to visit a few weeks after her birth, she appears to be one of the forbidden immortal children, the cause of her own mother’s demise. Although neither the Cullens nor Renesmee herself knew at the time, Irina eventually travelled to Italy and reported the Cullen’s apparent disregard for the law, bringing the entire guard down on Forks.

Renesmee is forced to prove the story of her birth to all of the vampires who come to provide witness for the Cullens. When the time comes, she convinces even Aro of the truth of her story and although he almost orders her death simply because of the uncertainty surrounding her development, she and her family survive the meeting.

Portrayed by: Mackenzie Foy