Rebecca Black

Full Name: Rebecca Black

Status: Human, member of the Quileute tribe

Date of Birth: unknown, but about a year older than Bella (TW6 p. 120)

Originally From: La Push Reservation

Hair Color: glossy black

Eye Color: dark

Height: unknown

Physical Description:

Occupation: housewife (presumed)

Family Members: twin sister Rachel, younger brother Jacob, father Billy, husband is Samoan

Hobbies: unknown

Personal History: Rebecca and Rachel Black knew Bella Swan when they were children. All three of them were too shy to become friends, despite being often “thrown together” during the fishing trips undertaken by their fathers, Billy Black and Charlie Swan (TW6 p. 119). Bella last saw the twins when she was about eleven years old. Although the twins were shy, they were still spirited children and harder to parent than Jacob was as a child. (EC Ep, p. 626) As a teenager, Rebecca turned down a partial scholarship to get married (NM7 p. 175); her husband is a “Samoan surfer” (TW6 p. 120) and they live in Hawaii. Rebecca never visited the family in Washington state after she married, partly because of the cost of flying from Hawaii and partly because the girls found it difficult to be in the house which reminded them so much of their dead mother. (BD9 p. 164)

Prepared by: LadyDi