Full Name: Pire

Status: Human (deceased)

Date of Birth: 1830s

Originally from: South America

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Physical description: Fair skin and very beautiful (BD38)

Family members: Huilen is her sister and, Nahuel is her son with Joham

Personal history: Pire was a member of the Mapuche.  She was named “after the snow on the mountains.”  Pire confided in her sister Huilen that she was in love with an “angel” [Joham] that visited in the night.  Huilen suspected that he was a vampire, the Libishomen from Mapuche legends.  In spite of her bruises and Huilen’s warnings, Pire was “bewitched” and became pregnant.  Since her parents would insist on destroying Pire and her baby, Huilen ran away with her.  She cared for Pire and hunted for her when her strength failed.  Pire ate the animals raw and drank their blood.  She loved her baby so much and named him Nahuel.  Huilen was not able to save Pire after she gave birth.  Her dying wish was for Huilen to care for Nahuel.  (BD38)

Prepared by: Anny