Full Name: Nahuel

Status: Half vampire/half human

Date of Birth: 1850s

Originally from: South America

Hair color: Black braid (BD38)

Eye color: Warm teak (BD38)

Height: Unknown

Physical description: Beautiful young man with “impossibly rich, dark brown” skin.  His movements are not as fast or fluid as a vampire when he runs.  (BD38)

Family members: Huilen is his aunt and Pire, now deceased, was his mother.  His father is Joham.  He also has three half sisters on his father’s side.  (BD38)

Nick Names: His name means “jungle cat” (BD38)

Personal history: During the confrontation with the Volturi, Alice and Jasper arrive with Kachiri, Huilen, and Nahuel.  Nahuel appears cautious as he takes in the scene at the clearing.  Huilen tells their story.  (BD38)

Pire confides in her sister Huilen that she is in love with an “angel” [Joham] that visits in the night.  Huilen suspects that he is a vampire, the Libishomen from Mapuche legends.  In spite of her bruises and Huilen’s warnings, Pire is “bewitched” and becomes pregnant.  She loves her baby so much and names him Nahuel.  Huilen is not able to save Pire after she gives birth.  Her dying wish is for Huilen to care for Nahuel.  Nahuel bites Huilen when she picks him up, and she becomes a vampire.  Huilen hunts for Nahuel until he can hunt for himself.  Nahuel is full grown around seven years after his birth.  He mostly drinks blood but can eat human food too.  (BD38)

Joham finds his son Nahuel a few years after Pire’s death.  He asks Nahuel to join him and his two other daughters.  Nahuel is happy being a family with Huilen and refuses his offer.  He sees Joham occasionally and learns that he has a new half sister.  Nahuel is clearly disgusted that his father sees himself as a scientist “creating a new super-race.”  (BD38)

Based on Huilen and Nahuel’s witness, the Volturi decide that there is no threat and immediately leave.  Carlisle thanks them for their help.  (BD38)  Huilen and Nahuel stay and talk with Carlisle.  Nahuel stares intently at Bella.  Edward later explains to Bella that Nahuel hated himself.  He believed that he was an “evil creation” for killing his mother.  After seeing Edward, Bella, and Renesmee as a loving family, Nahuel sees the life his mother should have had and starts to forgive himself.  He finds some happiness.  (BD39)

Portrayed in the films by: JD Pardo

Prepared by: Anny