Full Name: Kachiri

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: Unknown

Date of Change: Unknown

Originally from: The Amazon

Hair color: “Wild dark hair” (BD38)

Eye color: Vampire Burgundy

Height: Very tall (BD38)

Physical description:

“Tall, muscular female” with “the same elongated limbs and features as the other Amazons [but] more pronounced” (BD38)

Special Talents: None

Occupation: Nomad

Family members: Amazon coven – Zafrina and Senna

Personal history: Kachiri, Zafrina, and Senna are so close that it is uncomfortable for them to be apart from one another.  The Amazons are friends of the Cullens.  Alice and Jasper send Zafrina and Senna to be witnesses.  However, they need Kachiri’s help in South America.  (BD32)

During the confrontation with the Volturi, Alice and Jasper arrive with Kachiri, Huilen, and Nahuel.  Based on Huilen and Nahuel’s witness, the Volturi decide that there is no threat and immediately leave.  Kachiri reunites with Zafrina and Senna. (BD38)  The Amazon coven is anxious to return to their “beloved rain forest” and leave.  (BD39)

Prepared by: Anny