Full Name: Garrett

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: Unknown

Date of Change: 1770s (revolutionary) (BD37)

Originally from: America (BD Vampire Index)

Hair color:  “Long sandy hair tied back with a leather thong” (BD32)

Eye color: Vampire Burgundy

Height: Tall (BD32) 6’2” (OIL)

Physical description: “Tall, rangy vampire with eager ruby eyes“  (BD32)

Special Talents: None (BD Vampire Index)

Family members: Garrett arrives alone at the Cullens’ house.  (BD32)  However, by the end of Breaking Dawn, Garrett seems to be joining the Denali coven to be with Kate (BD39)

Personal history:  Garrett is a nomadic vampire and a friend of Carlisle.  He is an adventurer who relishes any challenge.  He was a patriot who fought for the colonies ability to self-govern and received a head injury in a battle that left him unconscious.  Vampires took advantage of the war to drink from humans after battles.  The vampire that drank from Garrett didn’t drain his blood fully but assumed he would die from the injury he sustained.  Garrett’s transformation was by accident, and when he awoke he became curious as to what had happened to him. (OIL)

As a friend of the Cullen family, Emmett and Rosalie send Garrett home to help with the impending danger against the Volturi.  He quickly befriends the Denali sisters and is interested in their “vegetarian” lifestyle.  He listens to Renesmee’s story and agrees to be a witness.  Bella wonders why Garrett isn’t part of a coven since he gets along with others so easily.  (BD32)

He helps teach Bella how to fight.  Garrett wants to experience Kate’s gift despite Edward’s warnings.  He grins confidently at the challenge.  Kate knocks him to the ground.  He is very impressed with Kate and her gift.  (BD32)

Garrett declares that he will fight the Volturi to protect his freedom.  (BD34)

He tries a hunting trip vegetarian-style.  He and Kate debate the “nutritional value of animal blood.” (BD35)

At the clearing, the witnesses cluster to the left and right of the members of the Cullens and Denali clan that make up the front line.  (BD35)  In response to Irina’s death, Tanya and Kate want to attack the Volturi.  Carlisle holds on to Tanya.  Kate is harder to stop until Garrett holds onto her and doesn’t let go in spite of her shocks.  Bella uses her shield to protect Garrett so he can recover from Kate’s shocks.  Carlisle and Garrett console the sisters. (BD37)

Garrett delivers an impassioned speech about how the Volturi are determined to destroy the Cullens and Denali clan.  He states that he came to witness but will fight to keep his freedom.  When the battle with the Volturi seems imminent, Garrett declares that he will follow Kate anywhere.  (BD37)

With the arrival of Alice and other witnesses, the situation is resolved, and the Volturi leave.  (BD38)  Garrett joins the Denali clan when they leave.  (BD39)

Portrayed in the films by:  Lee Pace 

Prepared by: Anny