Full Name: Fred

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: April 1985 (OIL) – Fred is “older, like Riley” (SM interview #5 with TST)

Date of Transformation: August 2005 (OIL)

Originally From: Vancouver, BC (OIL)

Hair Color: “thick wavy blond hair” (BT p61)

Eye Color: vampire red, Blue as a human

Height: 6’ 2”

Physical Description: “He was broad-shouldered and muscular. He looked older that most of the others … he was good-looking. As handsome as anyone else, maybe even handsomer than most.” (BT p84)

Special Talents: He can make anyone feel physically repulsed and uses this talent to make people forget about him for a period of time.

Occupation: former college student

Family Members: Divorced father and mother.  Mother has remarried and has 3 other children.

Hobbies: reading, studying people and phenomenon, playing cards

Nicknames: Freaky Fred

Personal History: Fred’s parents divorced when he was 10, and he grew up with his father.  He rarely sees his mother and 3 half-siblings.  He was bullied when he was young because he was thin and wore glasses.  (OIL) Fred was a “science nerd” in college, very smart but very quiet and reclusive. (SM interview #5 with TST) In his sophomore year, he joined a research project that too him to the beaches of the Pacific Northwest.  There he met Riley who led Victoria to him for the transformation. (OIL)

Fred was one of Riley’s favorite creations because of his unusual talent (BT p19) – he had the ability to disgust people into avoiding him, and practically turn himself invisible.

Using this ability Fred saved Bree and Diego from being dismembered by the other newborns when they returned from their day away from the coven. (BT p59) Bree hung around Fred frequently to also avoid detection and for self-preservation. Bree left her books near Fred so that he could read them, but his repulsive aura kept her from learning if he ever read them. Fred did read the books and he liked Bree. He apologized for disgusting her when he saved her life.

Bree learned that Fred could “turn his powers off” (BT p84) or morph them from “disgust” to “disappear”.

Fred kept to himself as much as he could. When Riley demanded that the newborns train for their fight against the mysterious yellow-eyed vampires, Fred sat out and played solitaire and then rummy with Bree. (BT p114)  When the group began their trek to ambush the “enemy” Fred stayed behind. Through observation, he had discovered how long his invisibility and revulsion powers could last. (BT p136) He did not want to be a pawn in Riley’s game and decided to explore the world on his own. He offered Bree a chance to wander away with him, but she declined, hoping instead to find Diego. Fred promised to head north to Vancouver and leave Bree a trail in Riley Park if she changed her mind. His last remark suggested that he was not optimistic that they would reunite. (BT p138)

Prepared by: LadyDi