Full Name: Diego

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: approximately 1987 (was 17 years old when he was turned into a vampire, was a vampire for 11 months)

Date of Change: 2005 (OIL)

Originally From: Seattle

Hair Color: “dark, dense, curly hair” (BT p4)

Eye Color: “big wide eyes” (BT p4)


Physical Description: “pretty” with “really full lips” (BT p3) and smelled sweet but with “a little something extra- some spice like cinnamon or cloves” (BT p31)

Occupation: “Riley’s right hand man” (BT p3) former high school student

Family Members: younger brother (unnamed)

Source of Change: Victoria

Hobbies: listening to music

Personal History: Diego was a ghetto kid, pressured by the gang culture that surrounded him. He planned to go to college and make something of his life, despite the threats of the local gang leader. (BT p31) Unfortunately, Diego’s younger brother became entangled with the gang and died. Diego stole a gun and murdered the punk that killed his brother. Several gang members, intent on revenge, cornered Diego but Riley appeared and “saved” Diego. (BT p32) He brought Diego to Victoria, who transformed him into a vampire. Diego was unique among the vampires that Riley ruled, because he was smart, decent, and could control himself. He was one of the oldest “newborns” and Riley liked him. Diego considered Riley to be a friend (BT p53)

During one night of hunting, Diego met Bree, a new vampire who stayed off the radar of the other vampires by hanging out near Freaky Fred, a vampire with the power to repulse people (BT p19) Together, they rearranged a vicious feeding frenzy to look like a bad car accident and “shopped” for books and CDs to keep themselves occupied during the day. They returned home to find it destroyed so they hid out in a cave Diego had discovered while searching for a way to escape the insanity of the newborn squabbling. Diego and Bree talked a lot as they hid out, becoming friends and a bit more.

Diego and Bree hid their new camaraderie from the other vampires when they returned to the new homestead. The next night, Diego and Bree snuck out to spy on Riley to learn more about why they were created and his plans for the group. They watched what appeared to be vampire police as they scolded Victoria for her army creation tactics and insisted she act soon against her intended targets.

Diego remained back in the forest and, with one final kiss, sent Bree back to the house. (BT p82) Diego intended to meet Riley in the forest and tell him that the sun did not hurt vampires, as Riley initially instructed the group. Diego told Bree to stick by Fred and that he would meet her back at the house eventually. Diego did not return; Riley reported that Diego was doing surveillance work with their creator. Riley reassured Bree by mentioning the in-jokes that Diego had shared with her in the cave, to prove that Diego had confided in Riley.

Unfortunately, Riley lied. After Diego met Riley in the forest, he was taken back to the little cottage where Victoria was holed up. Diego was tortured by Victoria and Riley until he had revealed all his secrets – “she tears off your legs and then slowly, slowly burns off your fingers, ears, lips, tongue, and every other superfluous appendage one by one” (BT p153) – and then he was permanently destroyed. Forced to kill one of the few newborns he liked hardened Riley and the realization devastated Bree.

Prepared by: LadyDi