Full Name: Didyme (BD Vampire Index)

Status: Vampire (deceased)

Date of Birth:

Date of Change: Shortly after reaching adulthood (SMW)

Originally from:

Hair color:

Eye color: Vampire Burgundy


Physical description:

Special Talents: Carries “an aura of happiness” that affects others when they are near and causes some to fall in love with her (SMW)


Family members: Volturi Coven with Aro, Sulpicia, Caius, Athenodora, and Marcus – Marcus was her mate, and Aro was her biological brother (BD Vampire Index/SMW)

Personal history: Hoping that his sister would have a special talent, Aro changes Didyme to a vampire.  However, her talent is not what he had hoped for.  Marcus and Didyme fall in love and are “tremendously happy.”  Marcus is so happy that he is no longer interested in “Aro’s plans for domination.”  After a few centuries, Marcus and Didyme consider leaving the Volturi.  Aro pretends to be happy and gives his blessing.  However, he does not want to lose Marcus’ talent.  When he knows that he cannot be discovered, Aro murders his sister even though he truly loves her.  Marcus becomes an “empty man” with Didyme’s death.  (SMW)

Prepared by: Anny