Breaking Dawn Book Three Preface

Chapter Number: Preface

Chapter Name: Preface

Page Numbers: 367 – 368

Date of Chapte
r:  October – November 2006

Summary: Bella appears to be on a battlefield with the Volturi approaching them and seriously outnumbering her.  She feels hopeless and then all of a sudden something changes. Although the situation is the same, Bella’s feelings have changed.  She welcomes the fight, her panic changed to a lust for fighting.  She crouches and prepares to attack.

Characters Involved: Bella Cullen and others, the Volturi

Important Information learned:
The situation that Bella is facing seems hopeless as she guards someone precious from the advancing Volturi forces and panic floods her.

There is a moment where Bella’s fear changes to bloodlust and she prepares to fight.

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