Chapter Twenty Two – Promised

Chapter Number: 22

Chapter Name:

Page Numbers: 428 – 451

Date of Chapter:  September 13, 2006

Summary: As Edward and Bella start back to the Cullen house to see Renesmee, Bella ask Edward to tell her about their daughter.  Edward tells her that she is unique and evenly has attributes from them both.  Bella feels a little jealous that Edward seems to know her so well and she does not.  Edward informs Bella that she is warm-blooded, her heart beat is a little faster than a normal human and she sleeps quite well for a newborn.  Renesemee has Bella’s eyes which delights Edward who feared they would be lost when Bella became a vampire.  Bella is concerned with the rate of growth that Renesmee seems to posses and her ability to communicate even though she does not speak.

Bella is thoroughly confused and frustrated when she finds that Jacob still remains with the Cullens and there is a secret to which Edward will not reveal that has Edward a bit angry with Jacob.  Edward tells Bella she’ll understand once she sees them in person.  In He gives Bella his shirt because it seems her dress is now indecent and they race back to the house.

As Bella lands on the other side of the river, a beating heart greets her.  Edward comes immediately to Bella, holding her back just in case and urges her not to breath.  Jacob wants to be the first test of her control before Renesemee and tries to urge Leah and Seth to stay out of it.  However, Leah and Seth stay, growling at the sides as Jacob slowly approaches Bella and finds that she is able to resist attacking him.  Although she now understands the Cullens dislike of the smell of werewolf she is relieved to know that Jacob sounds like he wants to stay.  He assures her that he’ll get used to her new eyes and that he feels that she is still Bella even though she looks a little different.

Now that Bella passed the test, she asks Jacob to tell her the great big secret.  Jacob brushes it off and says it’ll wait.  Edward urges Bella to go and meet Renesmee and assures her that he, Emmett, Jasper and the whole family will be there to ensure everyone’s safety.  However, Jacob blocks Bella as she moves towards the house.  Through the exchange, Bella finds out that the “test” was Jacob’s idea, not Edward’s and that she did indeed pass.  Edward tells Jacob to get out of Bella’s way so she can see their daughter.  Jacob sprints ahead into the house leaving Bella confused as they proceed to the living room.

The family is waiting for them in a line.  At the end of the line, slightly behind Jacob was Rosalie holding a beautiful baby girl who was reaching for Bella.  Renesmee has bronze ringlets and Bella’s chocolate brown eyes.  She could see parts of herself and Edward in her features, even a bit a Charlie.  Renesmee was twice the size of the baby Bella remembered, she looked to be weeks if not months old instead of days.  Her eyes were not childlike, but had wisdom in them as if she was aware and intelligent.  She reached out and touched Rosalie’s throat.  Rosalie pats her hand and tells her, “Yes, that’s her.”  Bella is compelled and takes a step forward which springs the rest of the family into action.  They immediately block Bella from her, everyone except Alice who chides them for their reaction; what mother wouldn’t want a closer look at their own child?

Bella does a check of herself and realizes assures everyone she is okay, but to stay close just in case.  Jasper however is not convinced.  At the sound of Bella’s voice, though, Renesmee begins to struggle, wanting her mother.  Edward, in an effort to placate everyone, tells them about Bella and the hunting trip  He tells them of her control and they are astonished.  It takes Alice’s assurance that Bella isn’t like anything he has ever encountered for him to let her pass.

All the waiting has thoroughly aggravated poor Renesmee who starts screaming her impatience.  The family quickly crowds around to find out why she is so upset, however, it is Rosalie who is able to relax Jacob, who takes Renesmee, and reassures him that she just wants Bella.  This surprised Bella, the fact that Resesmee wants her.  Edward calms Bella, telling her that their little girl has waited almost three days to meet her.  However, Jacob continues to hold Renesmee, his hands shaking but his face serene, not showing the anxiety that his body exuded.  As Renesmee whimperes, desperately trying to reach Bella, something clicks inside Bella.  Her eyes, the sound of her cry and the impatience for the reunion eased Bella as felt that she was and is Renesmee mother.  The fear melts away and Bella reaches forward to take her daughter into her arms.

Unconvinced , Jacob allowed Bella to cradle her, but did not give her up.  As Renesmee smiled at Bella, she reached out and touched her face.  Everyone tightened around Bella, anticipating the reaction from her.  Bella was stunned; she was frightened by the image of herself right after giving birth to Renesmee.  As quickly as the image appeared, it was gone, Renesmee’s hand dropped from Bella’s face and she continued to beam up at her mother.  Bella is shocked to discover that this was the communication that Edward alluded to.  It seems that Renesmee was trying to show Bella that she knew who she was and was happy to see her.  Bella overcome with love tells Renesmee that she remembers her too and kisses her gently on the forhead.

However, the reunion is cut short when Jacob intervenes saying that they have pushed Bella enough and to separate them.  Bella, annoyed, tugs against Jacob’s tight hold and asks what is wrong with Jacob.  The family, siding with Bella, tells Jacob to let Bella and Renesmee have their time together.  As Bella looks at Jacob, it all falls into place.  His serene look before and now his eyes were locked on Renesmee’s face and he oblivious to the vampires touching him, the way he looked at Renesmee as if he was a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.  Bella realizes that Jacob has imprinted on her daughter.

Bella is shocked and gasps, “No.”  Edward quickly wraps his arms around her as Jacob removes Renesmee from Bella hold.  Bella could feel the snap they all warned about coming.  She instructs Rosalie to take Renesmee, Jacob hands her over without complaint as they both back away from Bella.  Bella instructs Edward that she doesn’t want to hurt him and for him to let go and stand in front of Renesmee.  Bella takes a hunting crouch and snarls at Jacob, “You didn’t.”  Jacob, hands up, begins to back away trying to get Bella to understand that he didn’t plan it, that this just happened.  As they continue to argue out of the house onto the lawn, Leah and Seth appear flanking Jacob, Leah growling at Bella.  Jacob continues to try to explain to Bella, that during the pregnancy she felt the pull, Renesmee’s pull too which was why Jacob couldn’t leave no matter how much he wanted to.

As the fighting continues, Emmett mentions having made a bet with Edward regarding Bella’s reaction and if Bella does attack, he’ll win.  Also, Edward and Carlisle discuss the vast amazing amount of control that Bella has since she continues to argue with Jacob instead of just going for his throat which would be typical newborn behavior.  As the argument comes to a close, Bella tells Jacob to run away while he still can.  However, Jacob responds to Bella saying, “C’mon, Bells!  Nessie likes me, too.”  This was the last straw for Bella, hearing that Jacob has nicknamed her beloved daughter after the Loch Ness Monster.  The chapter ends with Bella lunging for Jacob’s throat.

Characters Involved:
Bella Cullen, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Leah Clearwater, Seth Clearwater, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Renesmee Cullen, Jasper Hale, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Alice Cullen

Characters Mentioned:
Charlie Swan

Places Visited
: The forest around the Cullen Residence, the living room and the lawn area.

Memorable Quotes:

“She’s like nothing else in the world.” Edward to Bella – page 428.

“Jacob isn’t suffering,…Though I might be willing to change his condition.” ~ Edward to Bella – page 430.

“I gotta say it, Bells.  You’re a freak show.”  ~ Jacob to Bella – page 433.

“Maybe I’m hoping she’ll get irritated and rip your head off.” ~ Edward to Jacob – page 434.

“I’ve held her all of one time, and already you think you have some moronic wolfy claim to her?  She’s mine.”  ~ Bella to Jacob – page 449.

“You think you’ll be part of my family as my son-in-law!”  ~ Bella to Jacob – page 450.

“Stop her, Edward.  She’ll be unhappy if she hurts him.”  ~ Esme to Edward – page 450.

“You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?”  ~ Bella to Jacob – page 451.

Important Information learned:
Bella’s control is quite surprising and the family is stunned by her lack of reactions and her ability to remain in control.

Renesmee is truly a unique child: prefers to drink blood, has vampire-like skin, heart beats faster and her temperature is higher than a human, grows and matures faster than a human child and can communicate by sending images into another mind through touch.

Bella is unhappy that Jacob has not only imprinted on Renesmee but that he has nicknamed her Nessie.

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