Chapter Twenty Five- Favor

Chapter Number: 25

Chapter Name: Favor

Page Numbers: pg. 486 through pg. 511

Date of Chapter:  Sept. 14, 2006

One day out of her transition, Bella and Edward talk about Bella’s multiple concerns in the bedroom of their new cottage.  Bella wonders when the intensity of the feelings she has will fade.  Edward advises her that they won’t really fade, rather experience will help her to balance them.  Deciding she and Edward need to return to the Cullen’s home so they can get back to Renessme, Bella ventures into the oversized master closet Alice made sure was part of the home’s construction.  Edward teaches Bella to use her heightened sense of smell to navigate through the abundance of clothing Bella will likely never wear.  While she dresses in jeans and a t-shirt, Bella’s thoughts again turn to her anxieties.  She worries about being a good mother because she didn’t have nine months to get used to the idea and Renesmee changes hourly.

Bella and Edward race back to the Cullen home and this time, Edward wins.  Bella is puzzled by Jacob’s absence and relieved to note that Renessme has not changed as much overnight as her imagination predicted.  After feeding Renesmee, the Cullens begin to discuss their future plans for moving out of Forks.  Since Bella is already enrolled in Dartmouth, New Hampshire is considered as a logical place to go.  Emmett teases Edward and Bella about what they do or don’t do when alone in their cottage.

Jacob returns from his errand smug and pleased with himself.  He has told Charlie the he’s a werewolf and phased in front of him.  Jacob relates his conversation with Charlie to Bella and the Cullens, including the fact that Renesmee is a new addition to their family.  Without consulting the Edward or Bella, Jacob invited Charlie over to the Cullen’s home to see Bella and Renesmee.  Jacob reassures Bella by telling her that Charlie wants to be told as little as possible, essential information only.  Jacob feels he’s done Bella and the Cullens a favor.

Charlie does want to see Bella, but Jacob convinces Charlie to let him go ahead and explain about their conversation.  Jacob feels since Charlie knows something is not quite normal, without know exactly what it is, the Cullens won’t have to move away, taking Renesmee with them.  Edward scolds Jacob for being selfish, foolish and not thinking about how physically painful such a meeting will be for Bella despite her self-control and Jacob is mildly contrite.  Bella worries that she won’t be able to resist Charlie’s blood when he visits, killing him.

Prior to Charlie’s arrival, Bella gets a brief lesson in how to act human and wears contact lenses so she won’t scare Charlie with her red, newborn eyes.  Charlie arrives at the Cullens and is surprised by Bella’s new appearance, especially after he was told she’d been extremely ill.  Charlie can tell Renesmee looks like both Bella and Edward, but Edward reassures him everything is okay and that he doesn’t want to know more than the public story, which is that Renesmee is Edward’s orphaned niece.

Characters Involved: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan Cullen, Renesmee Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Esme Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Jacob Black, , Leah Clearwater, Seth Clearwater, Charlie Swan

Characters Mentioned: Billy Black

Places Visited: Bella’s Cottage, The forest between the cottage and the Cullen’s house, The Cullen House

Memorable Quotes:
“Esme sacrificed her second-best silver service to keep the little monster entertained.” – Rosalie, pg 490

“The more time he spends here, the less chance there is that we’ll ever get the smell out.” – Rosalie, pg. 491

“I’m sure you’ll ace your classes…apparently there’s nothing interesting for you to do at night besides study.” – Emmett, pg. 491

“Look at you!  You need me to show you how to use your closet.” – Alice, pg. 492

“You’ve got some kind of supernatural self-control, right?  Not as good as mind reading, if you ask me.  Much less exciting.” – Jacob, pg. 493

“I gotta say, I was impressed.  You should’ve seen his face when I started taking my clothes off, though.  Priceless.” – Jacob, pg 495

“She’s your orphaned ward—like Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.” – Jacob, pg. 498

“I told him that she was more special than all of us put together.” – Jacob, pg. 498

“Everything’s going to be great, Charlie.  Just try not to believe anything you see.” – Jacob, pg. 511

Important Information learned:
Renesmee’s growth is slowing down.

Charlie learns that Jacob is a werewolf, there are more, and Billy Black knows everything.

Now that Charlie knows something supernatural has happened with Bella, and her self-control seems to be holding, they will likely be able to continue having some kind of a relationship.

Chapter Prepared By: nissanmama