Chapter 8: Waiting for the Damn Fight to Start Already

Chapter Number: 8

Chapter Name: Waiting for the Damn Fight to Start Already

Page Numbers: 145 – 163

Date of Chapter: Sept. 7, 2006

As the first chapter told from Jacob’s perspective, it opens with the story of how Paul imprinted on Jacob’s sister, Rachel, when she came home to visit at the end of the summer.  Neither Billy or Jacob were thrilled about it, but they wasn’t anything that either of them could do.

Jacob spent a great deal of time waiting and wondering just how Bella and Edward would break the news of her “death” to Charlie.  And he couldn’t wait for Edward to return so that he could attack him for breaking the treaty.  However, Sam ordered that Jacob wait for the Cullens to attack first.

Waiting to get away from Paul, who had pretty much taken over the couch, the TV, and the food, Jacob headed down to the shore where he came across Quil and Claire.  Quil explained how he went to Claire’s third birthday and even wore a princess crown for her.  Unable to tease him for his adoration of the little girl, Jacob asked Quil if he’s ever considered dating.  Surprised by the question, Quil explained that he doesn’t see other girls like that anymore.  In turn, Quil asked Jacob if he considers dating, to which Jacob gave the same answer of not being able to see girls like that anymore.

At the sound of a wolf’s howl, Quil and Jacob abandoned their plans, and Jacob headed to find the pack in wolf form.  One by one everyone showed up to hear the news that Charlie Swan called Billy Black to tell him that Bella was coming home early form her honeymoon, sick with some rare disease.  Ready to fight, Jacob quarreled with Sam about the situation.  Sam ordered, once again, using the voice of the Alpha, that the pack will not attack the Cullens.

Believing Sam to be a coward and wanting to defend the treaty, Jacob phased into his human self and headed out to attack the Cullens on his own.

Characters Involved: Jacob Black, Paul, Quil Atera, Claire Young, Leah Clearwater, Sam Uley, Seth Clearwater,

Character Mentioned: Rachel Black, Embry Call, Billy Black, Charlie Swan, Bella Swan Cullen, Edward Cullen, Collin, Brady

Places Visited: LaPush

Memorable Quotes

“You know, Jake, maybe you should tink about getting a life.” ~ Quil to Jacob

The treaty doesn’t mention anything about victim preferences, Sam! ~ Jacob to Sam

You gonna be the one to take her down?  No, you’re not.  So, what?  You gonna make one of us do it?  And then hold a grudge against whoever it is forever? ~ Seth to Jacob

Nope, the pack wasn’t attacking anyone today.  But I was. ~ Jacob

Important Information learned:

Paul has imprinted on Rachel, making him the fourth of the ten pack members to imprint.

Bella called Charlie to tell him she is sick and returning home from her honeymoon.

Jacob wants to attack the Cullens for turning Bella into a vampire.

Sam refuses to allow the pack to attack the Cullens without provocation.