Breaking Dawn Chapter 7

Chapter Number: 7

Chapter Name: Unexpected

Page Numbers: 118 – 138

Date of Chapter: Aug.30 2006

Summary: The chapter begins with a nightmare Bella is having about the Volturi advancing in for a kill, a small child behind her, and Bella growling. She awakens to find Edward has left to go hunting. She gets something to eat, but ends up feeling sick and eventually falls asleep on the couch.

In the morning she is still nauseated. While searching through her suitcase, she has a revelation. The strange dreams, sleeping a lot, eating a lot, a late period, and a “small but defined bump” can only mean one thing. She realizes she is pregnant and tells Edward.

The phone rings moments later. It’s Alice, but she only asks if Edward is okay and won’t tell Bella what she saw. Edward asks to speak to Carlise.

At first Bella is shocked and confused. She replays everything she knows about vampire legends and their ability to procreate. She thought it was an impossibility. When she feels the baby move, she also feels a major shift in her life as she knows it. Suddenlytly she loves and wants this baby fiercely.

Edward is at first frozen with shock. After speaking with Carlisle on the phone, he flies into action, arranging for a flight home and packing up so angrily that it scares Bella. Edward tells Bella that they can get rid of that “thing” as soon as they get home. Bella is devastated to know that Edward would want to hurt her baby.

Kaure arrives with dinner so she can check up on Bella. It’s fish with onions and Bella has to throw up in the sink. Kuare notices Bella’s baby bump and reacts with shock and then hostility and fear towards Edward. Kaure and Edward have a heated conversation in another language. Bella can’t understand what is being said, but they both keep looking at her and Kuare makes a sign with her hands so that Bella knows she is talking about her being pregnant.

Edward asks Kuare a few more questions. By the end of the conversation Bella can sense severe pain and agony in Edward’s voice and facial expressions. Before she leaves, Kuare places her hand on Bella’s stomach and sighs “morte”—the Portuguese word for death.

A boat arrives as they finish packing up and Edward tries to convince Bella not to worry about any old lies or legends. Bella asks him to pack some extra food for her before he takes the bags out to the waiting boat. While she is alone she picks up his cell phone that he left in the room, scrolls down his numbers, and dials. The chapter and Book One end with Bella asking Rosalie in a whispered voice for help.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan Cullen, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Kaure, Rosalie Cullen

Character Mentioned: The Volturi, Gustavo

Places Visited: Isle Esme

Memorable Quotes:

We seemed to exist outside of time here, just drifting along in a perfect state. –Bella

The only person I’d ever had sex with was a vampire, for crying out loud. –Bella

And human men—well, they pretty much stayed the same from puberty to death. –Bella

I wanted him like I wanted air to breathe. –Bella speaking of her baby

We’re going to get that thing out before it can hurt any part of you.” –Edward to Bella

“Please. You have to help me.” –Bella to Rosalie

Important Information learned:

Male vampires can get human females pregnant.

Something is not normal about the progression of the pregnancy.

Bella betrays Edward to protect her baby and turns to Rosalie for help.

Chapter Prepared By: Greenmom