Chapter 20: New

Chapter Number: 20

Chapter Name: New

Page Numbers: 387 – 406

Date of Chapter: Bella’s Birthday – September 13, 2006

The chapter opens with Bella seeing everything through her vampire eyes for the very first time. She describes the beauty in everything, even things as simple as particles of dust.

When Edward touches her for the first time, she’s shocked because his touch isn’t cold. She doesn’t recognize that it’s him at first until she realizes that they would be the same temperature now.

The Cullens are in a protective stance and Bella becomes ready for the danger until she realizes that she’s the danger. As she relaxes, she sees Edward for the first time. She struggles with the vocabulary to describe how she feels about Edward’s beauty.

At this point, Bella still hasn’t said a word. Edward is tensed and worried. He wants to know she’s okay. He tries to calm her by telling her everything is all right. At this, Bella’s mind begins to spiral and wonders if “everything” encompasses Renesmee, Jacob, and Charlie.

Edward touches Bella’s cheek and she realizes that she still has her human emotions and longings. Other than mouthing, “Oops” to Edward for hugging him so tightly, the first thing she tells him is that she loves him. Edward kisses her and she thinks, “It as like he’d never kissed me–like this was our first kiss. And, in truth, he’d never kissed me this way before.”

Bella asks where Renesmee is and states that she wants to see her. Carlisle and Edward tell her that she should hunt first since she’s half human.

Before they go hunting, however, Alice wants Bella to see herself in a mirror. When Bella sees herself, she has a couple of reactions. The first is that she sees that she’s beautiful and fluid like the rest of the Cullens. The second is horror because of her eyes and not being able to see “her” in the mirror.

Jasper is amazed at the control Bella has for her emotions and wonders how she’s doing it. He wants Bella to go hunting soon because he’s afraid she’ll snap at any minute.

Characters Involved: Bella Cullen, Edward Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale

Character Mentioned: Renesmee Cullen, Jacob Black, Rosalie Hale, Charlie Swan, Esme Cullen

Places Visited: Cullen’s House

Memorable Quotes:
“Um…carefully, Bella. Ow.” ~ Edward to Bella

“Bella, love? I’m sorry, I know it’s disorienting. But you’re all right. Everything is fine.” ~ Edward to Bella

“I guess my brain will never work right. At least I’m pretty.” ~ Bella to Edward

“Bella, you have never been merely pretty.” ~ Edward to Bella

Important Information learned:
Bella has survived the transformation to becoming a vampire.

Vampires see an extra color.

Jasper’s scars are more prominent when looking at him through vampire eyes.

Chapter Prepared By: jenni_elyse