Chapter 19: Burning

Chapter Number: 19

Chapter Name: Burning

Page Numbers: 369 – 386

Date of Chapter: September 10 through September13, 2006

Summary: This chapter picks up where Bella is overcome with the pain caused by her bending over.  She ponders how something so inconsequential could cause such disaster, her reflex in trying to catch the cup causing her body to rip.  Bella’s consciousness comes and goes hearing what is going on around her as Jacob and Edward try to deliver the baby.  She hears them working feverishly; yelling at them to save the baby and then the pain is gone.  Bella feels herself slipping away and then hears Jacob yelling to keep her heart beating.  She remembers her promise to both Edward and Jacob and tries to feel her heart, but she is numb.

Bella opens her eyes and at hearing Edward whisper, “Renesmee”, we experience her shock then joy at knowing the baby is a little girl.  She asks Edward to give her the baby and she sees the blood and then her eyes meet little Renesmee’s.  She snuggles the beautiful baby to her and then gasps in pain.  Edward takes the baby away and Bella immediately feels her lost and wants her returned.  However, she cannot move, her body weak and blackness descends upon her vision.  She fights the blackness even though it is difficult and would be much easier to just succumb.  However, Bella realizes if she was only fighting for herself, she would let go, but she can’t, for Edward and Jacob, she has to fight and survive.  She knows if she dies it will surely mean the death of Edward and a final unforgivable wound to Jacob.  As the blackness tries to over take her, she remembers she must survive, “Edward was depending on me.  Jacob. Charlie. Alice Rosalie Carlisle Renee Esme…  Renesmee.”

Even though Bella cannot see, she is finally able to feel.  Her body begins to warm.  The heat slowly increases until her body is a burning inferno.  This pain of transformation is more painful than when James attacked her, more painful than the baby slowly breaking her ribs.  Her mind is incredibly clear but she is unable to move or speak.  She cannot understand until she realizes the morphine.  It is that moment she is incredibly grateful that Edward cannot read her mind.  He won’t know how much pain she is in and how helpless she feels and that the morphine failed to keep the pain away.  It only paralyzes her, making her a prisoner in her own body but does nothing to abate the pain.

The transition burns along as Bella goes in and out of consciousness.  She hears the discussion between Carlisle and Edward as Edward worries over Bella.  However, as much as Edward asks Bella for some sign of her continued existence, Bella refuses.  She worries that if she were to try to speak or move, she’ll loose her control and cry out, thus causing Edward pain and more suffering.  Bella feels that she will spare Edward needless additional pain if she keeps still and quiet.  Carlisle tries to sooth Edwards fears but Edward is completely focused on Bella.  It seems there is some situation that has cause some conflict in the Cullen household, but Edward will not be deterred.  He does mention to Carlisle that he is torn between the sides and they laugh that when Bella wakes she’ll surprise them on what she’ll think of the situation.

Alice comes in and Bella hears her sooth Edward, telling him that it will not be much longer.  It seems as Bella gets closer to the end of the transition, Alice can see her much more clearly.  Alice informs Edward when she’ll wake, but unfortunately to Bella, Alice shows the clock in her mind to Edward so Bella does not know when her suffering will end.  Then Alice tells Edward, “She’s going to be dazzling.”  To which Edward growls back, “She always has been.”  As Alice leaves, Bella can hear Rosalie arguing with someone downstairs.

Carlisle and Alice return later, being that it is almost the time for Bella to awake.  Bella is upset when Edward agrees with Alice for Rosalie to keep the baby away.  Then the final stage hits Bella with a great blast of pain, her heart beat takes off and then suddenly quiets.  Then Bella notices the moment the pain is all gone.  She opens her eyes and the chapter ends.

Characters Involved: Bella Cullen, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Renesmee Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Alice Cullen

Characters Mentioned:   Rosalie Hale, Charlie Swan, Renee Dwyer, Esme Cullen, James, Emmett Cullen

Places Visited: Carlisle’s library in the Cullen residence.

Memorable Quotes:
“Get him out!  He can’t breath!  Do it now!” ~ Bella to Edward – page 371.

“You stay with me now, Bella!  Do you hear me?  Stay!  You’re not leaving me.  Keep your heart beating!” ~ Jacob to Bella – page 371.

“Renesme?”  ~ Bella to Edward – page 371.

“Listen to her heart, Edward…I’ve never heard anything so vital.  She’ll be perfect.” ~ Carlisle to Edward – page 380.

“Bella, I love you.  Bella, I’m sorry.” ~ Edward to Bella – page 380.

“I’m sure, between the five of us, we can keep it from turning into bloodshed.”  ~ Carlisle to Edward – page 381.

“I don’t know which side to take.  I’d love to flog them both.” ~ Edward to Carlisle – page 381.

“You would be mortified, too, if you realized that you were handcuffed by your own nature.”  ~ Alice to Edward – page 382.

“Yes – keep the baby away.”  ~ Edward to Alice – page 384.

Important Information learned:
The morphine did not numb the pain of transformation, and only made Bella a prisoner in her body, unable to move or speak.

There seems to be a great conflict in the Cullen family.

Chapter Prepared By: Una