Chapter 18: There are no words for this.

Chapter Number: 18

Chapter Name: There Are No Words For This.

Page Numbers: 349 – 360

Date of Chapter: September 10, 2006

Summary: The chapter begins with an unconscious Bella twitching in Rosalie’s arms. The convulsions from the center of her body were breaking and snapping her bones. Rosalie grabbed her and ran upstairs with Edward and Jacob close behind. Edward yells for morphine while Rosalie barks to Alice to call Carlisle. Bella wakes up and screams for them to get “him” out. The blood vessels in her eyes hemorrhage because of her intense screams. Before the morphine could spread, Rosalie slices Bella’s skin. Seeing all the blood, Rosalie became transfixed.  Jacob leaps across the table tackling Rosalie, he kicks and punches her, shoving her into the door frame.  Alice grips her by the throat removing her from the room all this while Rosalie never put up a fight. Jacob goes over to help Edward when they hear the loudest crack yet. Bella’s spine breaks thereby paralyzing her legs. While Jacob performs CPR he reminds Bella of her promise to stay alive. Jacob leans over when he hears the next sound…a sound he’d heard once before in the clearing – the tearing of newborn vampires …and sees Edward biting through Bella’s skin. Bella’s body went still. Her heart was still thudding. Jacob realizes this means the thing is out of Bella. He then hears Edward whisper “Renesmee.” Bella asks Edward for her child. Just then something warm touches Jacob’s hand.  Almost like an afterthought, Jacob notices nothing ever feels warm to him and this should have been important. Bella holds and weakly croons to her little girl, then she gasps in pain. Jacob looks down and sees “a tiny double-crescent bite mark just over [Bella’s] left breast.” Edward gently scolds the tiny child.

Within a few seconds, Bella’s heart fades out. Jacob performs CPR with no results. Jacob hears his “pounding heart,” Bella’s dying one, and a mysterious “fluttering beat that was too fast, too light.” Jacob asks Edward what he’s waiting on, and Edward offers Jacob the baby girl. Jacob responds “throw it out the window.” A much calmer Rosalie returns and takes the baby. Jacob notices the mysterious fluttering beat retreats when Rosalie takes Renesmee.

Edward stabs Bella with a silver syringe full of his venom while Jacob performed CPR. Jacob observes while Edward makes tiny “kisses” on Bella’s pulse points. He realizes they are tiny bites and then he sees Edward lick them one by one to help them heal. Jacob laments that they are working on a corpse, for there is nothing left of the girl he and Edward both loved.  Jacob understands that Bella must truly be dead because he no longer feels that strong pull to be near her; the need has vanished. Then he notices the pull hasn’t exactly vanished, but “moved.” He feels the need to leave and never return. Edward briskly tells him to leave while unintentionally breaking three of Jacob’s fingers. Edward takes over CPR while pleading that Bella can’t be dead.

Jacob grieves for Bella. He wishes to scrub his mind of the last images of Bella’s life. While coming down the stairs, he spies Rosalie sitting on the couch crooning to the tiny baby girl.  Jacob comments in his head that Rosalie has “what she wanted, and Bella would never come to take the creature from her.” He ponders if this had been her plan all along. He hears a “greedy sucking sound coming from the tiny murderer she held.” He smells human blood and realizes that it would of course drink human blood…perhaps it was Bella’s, he thinks.  Jacob is filled with “strength and hate and heat” as the images pass through his head.  He is enraged.  He knows now that Sam was right. The creature is evil and must be killed. “A black soulless demon.”  It must be destroyed, he thinks. He realizes that the pull brought him here to this creature.  He understands that he must “cleanse the world of this abomination.” He knows he must kill it no matter who came after him. He would fight them all. He rationalizes his feelings, and then goes through the list of people involved and why their feelings didn’t matter. He must kill it. The thought of leaving Edward all alone in the world makes Jacob smile because he was so enraged and filled with hate.

As Jacob neared the creature to kill it, he noticed the pull to it was stronger than the pull to an Alpha. Unlike with Sam where he fought the pull to obey, this time he wanted to obey the command.  He sees the tiny creature staring at him – immaturely focused – with the same eyes as her mother’s. Jacob’s shaking stops. A glowing heat floods through him. As he stares at the tiny human/vampire hybrid, all the ties in Jacob’s life are cut. Instead of being left alone, drifting, he has a new tie.  He compares this new tie to a million steel cables connecting him to this one person – “the very center of the universe.” Jacob’s world shifts as he imprints on the tiny hybrid girl, Bella’s daughter, Renessee. At that very instant, he hears a “frantic pounding, a racing heart . . . A changing heart.”

Characters Involved: Jacob Black, Rosalie Hale,  Edward Cullen, Bella Cullen, Alice Cullen, Renesmee Cullen

Characters Mentioned: Carlisle Cullen, Jasper Hale

Places Visited: Cullen’s residence; the living room and the second floor library.

Memorable Quotes:

“Get him OUT!” ~ Bella to everyone – page 349.

“Jacob, I need you!” ~ Edward to Jacob – page 350.

“Get her breathing!  I’ve got to get him out before-” ~ Edward to Jacob – page 351.

“Get it out of her!” ~ Jacob to Edward – page 351.

“You stay with me now, Bella!  Do you hear me?  Stay!  You’re not leaving me.  Keep your heart beating!” ~  Jacob to Bella – page 352.

“Renesmee.”  ~ Edward to Jacob – page 352.

“Let me… Give her to me.”  ~ Bella to Edward – page 352.

“Renes… mee.  So … beautiful.”  ~ Bella to Edward – page 353.

“Throw it out the window.”  ~ Jacob to Edward about the baby – page 354.

“Give me the baby, Edward.  I’ll take care of her until Bella…”  ~ Rosalie to Edward – page 354.

“She’s not dead,” ~ Edward to Jacob – page 356.

Important Information Learned:
Bella goes into labor.

Rosalie becomes transfixed by Bella’s blood, and allows Jacob and Alice to subdue her with force.

Jacob and Edward work over Bella together.

Bella gives birth to a hybrid vampire/human daughter.

Renesmee is the only creature who feels warm to Jacob.

Jacob, filled with a hateful passion, needs to kill the child.

Jacob imprints on Renesmee.

Chapter Prepared By: Goodnight Elizabeth