Chapter 17: What do I look like? The Wizard of Oz? Take everything…

Chapter Number: 17

Chapter Name: What do I look Like?  The Wizard of Oz?  You Need a Brain?  You Need a Heart?  Go Ahead.  Take Mine.  Take Everything I Have.

Page Numbers:
329 – 348

Date of Chapter: September 10, 2006

Summary: Jacob runs into the Cullen garage to take the car that belongs to the keys that Edward gave him.  He is surprised to find that they are keys not to the Volvo but to the Vanquish.  This changes his plans of utterly destroying the car in anger as he jumps into the Vanquish and drives out, catching a glimpse of Leah.

As Jacob winds his way to get away from Bella and everything, he passes a wolf that he thinks is Quil.  After two hours of driving, he finds himself north of Forks in the “undefined sprawl that was part Tacoma and part Seattle.”  He finally slows down because he doesn’t want to harm any of the pedestrians.  As he looks around the words from Leah about how the pain would end if he imprinted starts repeating in his head.

Jacob stops at a park and starts looking around, hoping that just maybe he’ll find his imprint.  While standing there, a cute girl named Lizzie, gives him a bad time, implying that he has stolen the car.  She seems genuinely concerned because he looks upset so she tries to talk and cheer him up.  While chatting with her, Jacob realizes that there is no magic solution, no way of forcing the situation to change.  He comes to grip with the understanding that he has to accept what is happening and will happen to Bella.  Jacob starts to feel alone, dreading the return to the Cullens and then realizes he won’t be alone.  Leah and Seth are there and will be there for him.

Jacob bids good-bye to Lizzie and goes back to the Cullens, passing Sam and Jared on the way.  He returns to find a very upset Edward who has three things to discuss with Jacob.  It seems Leah was quite unnerved by seeing Jacob fleeing from the Cullens home so she confronts Bella, yelling at her about her callous treatment of Jacob.  Edward asks Jacob, as the Alpha, to control Leah as he will not allow Leah or anyone else to further harm Bella by making her feel guilty and awful.  Jacob reassures Edward that he is sure, knowing Leah, that she got it all out of her system, and that he’ll speak to Bella to reassure her that he has no hard feelings towards her.

Edward then tells Jacob that Bella has calmed and is with Rose.  He goes on to tell Jacob that Bella is doing a bit better and that he can hear the thoughts of the child.  The child loves Bella already and is trying not to harm her.  Due to the progression of the child, Edward wants to have the baby delivered as soon as Carlisle returns.  It seems that the growth is exceeding their calculations and Bella’s body just cannot take much more.

Because Edward refuses to lose Bella, his third point of discussion has to do with the survival of Bella.  Survival which Edward guarantees, but would prefer with the approval of Ephraim’s heir.  It seems, as much as Jacob tries to convince Edward otherwise, Sam may be pack Alpha, but the true heir of Ephraim, who made the treaty with the Cullens, is the only one that has the ability to renegotiate.  Edward humbly requests that they be allowed in this one case, this one case of an emergency that the changing of Bella will not result in the breaking of the treaty.  Edward (and the rest of the Cullens) would prefer not to break the treaty as they have never intended to go back on their word, but for the survival of Bella they will.

As Jacob struggles under the weight of these revelations and requests, he lies to Seth that he is alright and to have Seth tell Leah to back off of Bella.  Jacob enters the house to see Bella talking to Edward about how she is feeling and the baby.  When Bella sees Jacob, her face begins to lighten with joy, only to fade and fight the tears that are threatening to fall.  Jacob tries to get Bella to not say sorry; however, the playful nature of their relationship returns and all is forgiven and forgotten.  Jacob muses about the future, Bella being both his friend and enemy, wondering how having Leah as a companion might be.  Which leads Jacob to mentally telling Edward, “Fine!…Go ahead.  Save her.  As Ephraim’s heir, you have my permission, my word, that this will not violate the treaty.  The others will just have to blame me.  You were right – they can’t deny that it’s my right to agree to this.”

Edward whispers his gratitude so quietly that only the other Cullens hear him.  Then Bella begins to chat with Jacob about his day.  Bella then needs to use the restroom again.  Rose picks her up to take her, bantering with Bella about how large she is and how often she has to use the facilities, excited for the day the baby will be born, when Bella accidently drops her cup.  She automatically reaches to catch it when a muffled rip is heard.  Bella gasps, goes limp, and then screams, only to be cut off when she begins to be violently ill.

Characters Involved
: Jacob Black, Quil Atera, Lizzie, Sam Uley, Jared, Leah Clearwater, Seth Clearwater, Edward Cullen, Bella Cullen, Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale

Characters Mentioned
:  Billy Black, Carlisle Cullen, Jasper Hale

Places Visited: Cullen garage, a park north of Forks, Cullen’s residence.

Memorable Quotes:

“If you’re feeling that remorseful over boosting the car, you could always turn yourself in.”  ~ Lizzie to Jacob – page 333.

“I don’t need any help.  She’s not here.” ~ Jacob to Lizzie – page 334.

“Glad to hear you’re going straight.”  ~ Lizzie to Jacob – page 335.

“Wait – Leah was yelling at Bella about me?” ~ Jacob to Edward – page 338.

“You were quite vehemently championed.”~  Edward to Jacob – page 338.

“Bella’s too fragile to delay.” ~ Edward to Jacob – page 340.

“I think of you as a…a brother in many ways.  A comrade in arms, at the very least.” ~ Edward to Jacob – page 341.

“I’m asking this of the true Alpha, Jacob.  I’m asking this of Ephraim’s heir.” ~ Edward to Jacob – page 342.~

“He has one of the purest, sincerest, kindest, minds I’ve ever heard.”  ~ Edward to Jacob about Seth– page 343.

“You can talk when you’re not being stupid.”  ~ Jacob to Bella – page 345.

“Rose’ll catch me if I trip over my feet.  Which could happen pretty easily, since I can’t see them.” ~ Bella to Edward – page 346.

Important Information learned:
Jacob comes to accept the path that fate has placed him on and is reassured in his friendship/companionship with Leah.

Leah defended Jacob vehemently to Bella, solidifying the bond Jacob feels towards Leah.

Edward intends to remove the baby (and subsequently transition Bella) as soon as Carlisle returns in order to spare Bella anymore pain and physical harm.

Jacob as the rightful heir to Ephraim, is the only one that can condemn or absolve the Cullens of the treaty when it comes to changing Bella.  Jacob grants them that the changing of Bella will not break the treaty.

In bending over to the retrieve a cup, the baby has gravely harmed Bella.

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