Chapter 15: Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Chapter Number: 15

Chapter Name: Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Page Numbers: 286 – 307

Date of Chapter: September 10, 2006

Summary: The chapter begins with Seth telepathically talking with Jacob as he is running the perimeter. Seth tells Jacob that he’s been keeping Bella warm, the baby has broken another of her ribs and that she has been chatting with Charlie, assuring him she is on the mend. Her spirits are still high even though she is running a low grade fever off and on, alternating between being hot and cold.

We find out that Leah is having a tough time, not enjoying the softening of Jacob’s attitude towards the Cullens, nor does she like eating in wolf form but she is handling it better than Jacob expected. However, she did spur the food and clothes that Esme sent. Jacob and Seth also discuss why the Cullens haven’t just left the area, taking Bella with them. Seth explains that it was discussed, but it is easier for Carlisle to get the equipment and supplies he needs to care for Bella if he remains with the connections he’s already made in Forks. Seth tells Jacob that Bella and Alice are both asking for him so he finishes his checks and goes to the house to relieve Seth.

Bella is still fragile and looking weak. Her face lights up, as usual, when she sees Jacob which continues to annoy and hurt Jacob. After Rosalie reminds Bella not to “downplay” anything, she admits she’s cold so Jacob goes to sit next to her to keep her warm. While Jacob is sitting, with vampire hearing what it is, it doesn’t go unnoticed that he is hungry. Edward asks Rosalie to get something for Jacob to eat. After a bit of fuss and the reassurance that Edward won’t let Jacob eat something Rosalie has poisoned, Rosalie returns with a steak and baked potato in a bowl that she bent to resemble a dog dish.

After Jacob finishes eating, he starts wondering how much time Bella has left so he asks her when the due date is. He is shocked to find out that she only has an estimated four days left. As he ponders this, he is grateful that the Cullens decided not to leave. He finds it funny that even knowing her time is almost out, the hold that Bella has over Jacob feels like it is getting stronger. As Bella’s belly expands, the tighter the pull she has on Jacob. These thoughts are halted as Bella wipes tears, Jacob wasn’t aware of shedding, away.

Even with everything that is going on, Bella appreciates Jacob’s presence and thanks him. He finally reaches his breaking point and asks why Bella reacts the way she does when he shows up. She responds that she feels complete when he is there with the rest of the Cullens. Since Bella has a small family, now becoming part of the Cullens, she loves her new larger family, which to her, includes Jacob. However, since if Bella is to survive the delivery she will become a vampire, Jacob tells her that he can never be part of her family. That it’d be easier for him to think Bella is purposely hurting him by enjoying his presence than that she actually cares for him. Bella falls asleep during this discussion which gives Jacob the opportunity to talk to Edward about why Bella is keeping Charlie’s spirits up. In the end it seems Bella feels that she’ll be able to still keep a relationship with Charlie after the transition and Edward will let her have her hope until this crisis is over. He does not want to cause her any additional pain.

Edward then tells Jacob that Emmett and Jasper have been researching legends that may help with the situation Bella is in. That she may not be the first human to become pregnant by a vampire which is supported by a myth about a similar situation in South America. However, Rosalie points out the other females never survived and blamed this on the fact that they didn’t have the familial support the Cullens have nor a doctor who understands human and vampires. She explains that the baby is protected by something as strong as vampire skin and that in the myth, the babies chew tehir way out of their mothers due to the fact that vampire teeth are one of the only things strong enough to break through the tissue. She says that they plan to deliver the baby safely, but due to the brash nature of Rosalie’s response, Edward and Jacob get very tense so Jacob decides to strike back at the egotistical and indifferent attitude of Rosalie by flinging the altered food dish at Rosalie’s head. The ensuring outrage of Rosalie getting food in her hair, and Alice, Edward and Jacob trying not to laugh too loudly, cause Bella to wake up.

As Bella overcomes a pain from the baby stretching, it reminds her of how Jacob’s growth spurted when the werewolf gene was triggered. This causes Edward and Carlisle to discuss how similar the genetics are between the baby and Jacob and the fact that Alice cannot see the baby nor the werewolves. As Jacob tries to deny any similarities between himself and the baby, Bella falls asleep again. The chapter ends with Jacob shuddering while thinking to himself about what he had learned from Rosalie about Bella’s upcoming delivery.

Characters Involved: Jacob Black, Seth Clearwater, Edward Cullen, Esme Cullen, Alice Cullen, Rosalie Cullen, Bella Cullen, Carlisle Cullen

Characters Mentioned: Charlie Swan, Jasper Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Sam Uley

Places Visited: Cullen Residence (living room) and forest adjacent to the Cullen Residence

Memorable Quotes:
“She say’s she’s tired of hanging out in the attic like a vampire bat in the belfry.” Seth to Jacob – page 290.

“Enjoy, mongrel.” Rosalie to Jacob – page 294.

“Let me guess, someone around here used to cut hair in a salon in Paris?” Jacob to Bella – page 295.

“If feels…complete when you’re here, Jacob. Like all my family is together.” Bella to Jacob – page 298.

“I’m not a bloodsucker, so maybe I’m missing something, but Charlie seems like kind of a strange choice for her first meal.” Jacob to Edward – page 300.

“Then is this thing not the first of its kind?” Edward to Jacob – page 302

“S’not so hard to erase a blonde’s memory, …Just blow in her ear..” Jacob to Rosalie – page 304.

“Well, I wonder if that means that we have an answer. If the similarities are gene-deep.” Carlisle to Jacob and Edward – page 306.

Important Information learned:
Bella believes she’ll survive the birth of the baby as a vampire and afterwards still keep ties with Charlie.

There is a myth in South America that bears similarities to Bella’s situation. However, the females never survived giving birth.

Not only does Jacob share the same number of gene pairs with the baby, but the growth spurts and the fact that Alice is blind to both werewolves and the baby draws interesting similarities.

The only way for the baby to be delivered is for a vampire or werewolf to use their teeth to remove it.

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