Breaking Dawn Chapter 13

Chapter Number: 13

Chapter Name: Good Thing I’ve Got a Strong Stomach

Page Numbers: 244-267

Date of Chapter: Sept. 8, 2006

Summary: Due to Bella’s continued and rapidly failing health, Carlisle and Rosalie bring her a cup of blood to drink.  Jacob continues to watch and worry over her; he starts to come to grips with Bella and Edward’s relationship as he watches them together.  As they wait, Bella is shocked to learn that not only has Seth joined Jacob’s pack, but Leah as well.

Jacob continues to fight with Bella regarding her absolute trust in Rosalie and the keeping of the baby at whatever cost to herself.  Jacob forces himself to watch and wait while Bella drinks the blood.  He can’t bear to leave in case this does work and she dies.  Bella struggles but finds that the blood not only makes her feel better, but that it tastes good to her and much to her chagrin, she craves another cup.  Jacob is continually annoyed and frustrated as Edward reacts and responds to the thoughts in his head.  After Bella consumes two cups of blood she finds the strength to sit up, color returns to her cheeks, and she is hungry for eggs.

Edward reiterates to Jacob that he is welcome to stay in the house as he appears exhausted.  Jacob declines due to the vampires’ smell and decides to leave and get some rest since Bella appears to be improving.  As Jacob leaves he hears warning howls from Leah and Seth.  He shifts into his wolf form and runs to meet with Seth and Leah where the intruders are coming to intercept them.

Jared in human form, and Quil, Paul, and Collin in wolf form, emerge from the forest.  Jared attempts to talk Jacob, Seth, and Leah into coming back to Sam’s pack.  He appeals to them by telling them that they are tearing the family apart and that the threat the unborn child poses can wait until it is separated from Bella.  The important thing is that they will wait to reassess the situation, and they want Jacob, Leah, and Seth back in the pack where they belong.

Jacob sends Leah to double check the perimeter to insure they aren’t planning a sneak attack during the negotiations while he phases back into his human form to talk to Jared.  During the conversation that takes place, Jacob tells Jared that Seth and Leah are there by their own free will and he will not tell them what to do.  Also that the situation is more than just Jacob’s feelings for Bella, that he is “protecting those who should be protected.”  Jacob expresses that he is no longer angry with Sam, but either way, there cannot be two Alphas in one pack.

When Jared realizes he cannot talk Jacob into anything, he pursues Seth next.  Playing on the guilt of leaving his mother alone just after their father died, Jared attempts to get Seth to return.  Jacob interrupts this low blow by pointing out that Sue is surrounded by the Elders and has yet to try to come and get her son – knowing how strong-willed and tough Sue is.

Jared then verbally attacks Leah, reminding her of her hatred of the Cullens and that if she truly wanted to protect Seth, they’d return to the pack.  Jared overplays his hand when he passes the message from Sam, using his old nickname for her and telling her that he wants her back where she belongs.  Leah doesn’t take too kindly to be told what to feel and where to be. Causing Jacob to intercede again and remind Jared that Leah is able to make her own choices on where she belongs.

Jacob tells Jared that they know they are all family but that they are in the middle of a feud that will pass.  In order to prevent any unnecessary bloodshed or misunderstandings, it would be wise to keep to their own sides of the line.  If communication is necessary they will howl to call a meeting, but keep to their side of the line for the discussion as Jacob wants to avoid a fight.  Jared asks where their land is, if they are now part of the vampire’s family to which Jacob says they are homeless for now but that it will not last forever.  When all is said and done, Jacob tells Jared that Leah and Seth will return home and he will return to the forest.

Before Jared and his guards leave, he asks how everyone is doing and why Embry didn’t come.  Jared responds rudely telling him that he is no longer privy to pack business.  They leave but Quil hangs back and Jacob tells him that he misses him and Embry and to go home.  As Jacob discussed the previous meeting with Seth and Leah, they realize that Quil was allowed to backup Jared since he has Claire to keep him returning to the pack.  Sam kept Embry back since there would be nothing to hold him back from joining Jacob.

Characters Involved:
Carlisle Cullen, Rosalie Cullen, Jacob Black, Edward Cullen, Bella Cullen, Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Jared, Paul, Quil Ateara, Collin

Characters Mentioned:
Sam Uley, Emily, Embry, Brady, Billy Black, Sue Clearwater, Old Quil Ateara, Claire

Places Visited:
Cullen Residence (living room) and forest adjacent to the Cullen Residence,

Memorable Quotes:
“Your vampire was just picking snide comments out of my head.” Jacob to Bella – page 245.

“You’re scared of Leah, but you’re best buds with the psychopath blonde?” Jacob to Bella – page 247.

“Does this screw with my total?”   Bella to Edward – page 250.

“Look who’s getting all paternal.” Leah to Jacob – page 255.

“Under my baby brother is not an upgrade.” Leah to Seth – page 256.

“You’ve torn our family apart.  It’s not meant to be this way.” Jared to Jacob – page 63

“Despite my best efforts, I’ve seen you naked before – doesn’t do much for me, so no worries.” Leah to Jacob – page 259.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Leah belongs wherever she wants to be.” Jacob to Jared – page 263.

“Tell Embry I miss having you two on my flanks.” Jacob to Quil – page 265.

“Mom dropped him a lot when he was a baby.” Leah to Jacob – page 266.

Important Information learned:

Bella takes her first drink of blood and finds that it placates the fetus.  After consuming two cups, Bella’s strength and color return and she begins to feel better.

Sam sends Jared to talk to Jacob and beg to have them all return to the pack.  Jacob explains that Seth and Leah are there by their own free will and he is unable get them to return to Sam.

Jacob explains that there cannot be two alphas in a pack and when the situation is resolved with the Cullens, Seth and Leah are free to return, but he will not.

There is now a definite line between Sam’s pack and Jacob’s pack as well as new regulations on how the packs will interact.

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