Breaking Dawn Chapter 12

Chapter Number: 12

Chapter Name: Some People Just Don’t Grasp the Concept of “Unwelcome”

Page Numbers: 224-243

Date of Chapter:
Sept. 8, 2006


Much to their frustration, Leah joins Jacob and Seth.  Leah states that even though she doesn’t like vampires, her options are limited as to which pack she is in, and she would rather be with Seth.  She also feels this is her chance to stop being the pathetic ex-girlfriend of the pack leader.

Jacob returns to the Cullen house where Carlisle thanks him for offering safety to his family.  He explains to Jacob that Bella is like a daughter to him.  He explains his actions regarding her and the baby as following her wishes.  Jacob realized he is mentally contemplating Bella’s transformation as a vampire as a good thing.  Carlisle gives Jacob the horrible truth concerning Bella’s health, which is not good news.  He also tells Jacob that vampires have 25 chromosomes while Jacob has 24, and humans have 23.

While listening to Carlisle explain about Bella’s heath, Jacob contemplates that what the fetus really wants is something bloody to sink its teeth into.  Hearing Jacob’s thoughts, Edward suggests that they try feeding Bella and her fetus human blood.  Carlisle considers the best way to administer it while Rosalie suggests the traditional way.  They have a large supply of blood in the house set aside for Bella, and she agrees to drink it if it will help the baby.

Characters Involved: Jacob Black, Leah Clearwater, Seth Clearwater, Carlisle Cullen, Rosalie Cullen, Esme Cullen, Edward Cullen, and Bella Cullen.

Characters Mentioned: Sam Uley, Paul, Emmett Cullen, and Alice Cullen

Place Visited
: the forest adjacent or surrounding the Cullen’s home and the Cullen Home

Memorable Quotes:

“Thank you, Captain Obvious.” ~ Leah to Jacob ( p. 227)

“They’re people to me, and I’m going to protect them, ‘cause that’s what we’re supposed to do.” ~ Seth to Leah & Jacob (p. 229)

“Seth, are you gonna get mad if I kill your sister?” ~ Jacob to Seth (p. 230)

“Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.” ~ Jacob to Carlisle:  (p. 237)

“I realized then – when I heard how her voice got all lovey-dovey as she said the word baby – that Blondie would be in line with anything that helped the little life-sucking monster.”  ~ Jake thinking about Rosalie (p. 240)

“So, who’s going to catch me a grizzly bear?”  ~ Bella (242)

“Let’s go for it.  My first vampire act.”  ~ Bella (p. 243)

Important Information Learned:

Leah joins Jacob’s new pack.

Jacob changes his mind about Bella transforming into a vampire.

We learn that vampire DNA is closer to humans than was thought possible.

Vampires have 25 chromosomes and werewolves have 24.

Chapter Prepared By: Goodnight Elizabeth