Chapter One: Engaged

Chapter Number: 1

Chapter Name: Engaged

Page Numbers: 3 – 22

Date of Chapter:  Aug. 12, 2006


The date for the wedding is drawing near.  To keep her safe while she is still human, Edward bought Bella a Mercedes Guardian, which she is very embarrassed to drive.  Charlie has taken it upon himself to put up posters of Jacob all around the town that ask “Have you seen this boy?” which Bella finds difficult to look at.  She calls Seth to see if he has heard from Jacob, but all he can tell her is that Jacob is somewhere in Canada. 

She recalls telling Charlie about the engagement and how Edward was so calm and relaxed through it all.  Charlie immediately assumed that Bella was pregnant, which she assured him was certainly not the case.  After expressing his love for Bella, Edward explained that since they would be going off to school together, he wanted to be with Bella in the right way and not just living together.  Charlie gave his blessing but insisted that Bella be the one to tell Renee.

When Bella told her mother, she was surprised to get little to no resistance at all.  Renee questioned Bella about her love for Edward and said that she trusted Bella to do what was right.  Afterwards, she flew to Forks to help with the wedding plans.

When she snaps out of her memories, Bella watches as Alice works her magic on Charlie during his final fitting for his tuxedo.  It’s then her turn to try on her wedding dress.  She thinks about all the things she has given in to in the last few weeks (fancy wedding, new car, tuition to Dartmouth) in exchange for the chance to make love to Edward while still human. 

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Charlie Swan, Renee Dwyer, Alice Cullen, Seth Clearwater

Character Mentioned:  Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Billy Black, Leah Clearwater

Places Visited: The Swan Home

Memorable Quotes:

“You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” ~ Charlie to Bella

“You’ve never been a teenager, sweetie.” ~ Renee to Bella

“No one dressed by me ever looks like an idiot.” ~ Alice to Charlie

Important Information learned:

Bella and Edward have been accepted at Darthmouth.

Edward has purchased Bella a new Mercedes as well as another car for after her transformation.

Charlie and Renee both gave their blessing for the wedding.

Jacob has not returned to Forks.