TwiHard Summarizes the Twilight Journey on YouTube

We probably get sent on average the links to about 20-30 Twilight fan videos a month. All of them are really creative and heartfelt, but this one really stood out. I laughed so hard my office mates wanted to know what was going on. Well done Christinemay Riccio AKA @CMRproductionz on Twitter and Polandbananas20 on YouTube

Twilight Fan Video Shot in the Portland Movie Locations

This was pretty creative. Lynn, Savanna and Olivia from wrote in to tell us that “We are friends/relatives who had a crazy idea, like all fans, to make a video with Ke$ha’s song because it is sooooooo fitting… Check it out… Yay Team Twilight!!!!” They used the locations from the first film near Portland, Oregon to shoot this.