Who Would Play Edward and Bella in a Reboot: Suri and Knox of Course

Next Movie’s Male Twi-Hard has outdone himself this time suggesting possibilities for who would play Edward and Bella in a reboot 10 years from now.

Bella Swan: Suri Cruise

This is the obvious choice, right? The offspring of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will surely grow up to be beautiful… and no doubt weird and kind of anti-social. She’ll be the perfect Bella!

Edward Cullen: Knox Jolie-Pitt

The only people on earth who have better beauty genes than Suri Cruise are the Jolie-Pitt pups. Bella has to be attractive but the man who plays Edward has to be even more beautiful to make Bella seem like “another girl next door” at first glance. Knox, get ready to follow your parents into acting.

Jacob Black: Mateo Bravery Bratt

His father Benjamin Bratt is half-Quechua, an indigenous ethnic group to Peru, so Mateo may be even more perfect to play a Quileute than Taylor Lautner, who seems shady of his “distant” Native-American ancestry.

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