MTV After Hours: Tom Cruise Mentions Robert Pattinson and Twilight

Remember that fun and quirky new series on MTV that Josh Horowitz does on MTV called After Hours? The one he did with Anna Kendrick was one of the first and a big hit. Well he just did one with Tom Cruise and Twilight gets a mention.

Taylor Lautner Films Movie Awards Clip

Last year both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner filmed clips for the MTV Movie Awards with Tom Cruise, who was in heavy make-up doing his Les Grossman persona. (see video below). Well according to On Location Vacations, it looks like MTV has something up their sleeves again this year.

“A couple days ago we broke the news that Taylor Lautner was going to be filming in New York City for one day, but at the time we weren’t quite sure what the shoot was for.

Thanks to one of our readers, Ariella, we found out that Taylor was indeed in NYC today filming under the title “Movie Awards”. We can only assume the shoot was a sketch for the upcoming MTV Movie awards which will air on June 5th.

Ariella spotted Taylor filming in a cab outside of City Stage around W 19th and 9th in NYC. They definitely did a good job keeping the shoot under wraps since, according to Ariella, there were no fans around.”

There are a whole series of pictures on On Location Vacations