The Twilight Saga: The Complete Film Archive, Book Signing and Actor Appearance

If you’re going to the Twilight Convention in Burbank, why not stop by here:
WHO’S SIGNING: Author and film critic Robert Abele (
               Peter the nomad – actor Erik Odom (
               Mary the nomad – actress Toni Trucks (
SIGNING WHERE: — again, they’re soooooo very close to the Burbank Airport Marriott.  This is the perfect post-con signing event late Sunday afternoon.
WHEN: This Sunday November 4th, 2012
WHAT TIME: 4 p.m. onward
Books ideally should be pre-ordered from the store before the signing, via Del and Sue at 1-888-DARKDEL (818-556-6660).  They also have Bella, Edward, Jacob character teaser posters, as well as the “running trio” final theatrical one-sheet – all already signed by Bill Condon- for the first 40 customers who pre-order with the store. 
There are  some limitations on what and how much of it can be signed that isn’t bought at the store – they are, after all, in the business of trying to sell books via their real brick-and-mortar store – so any fans with questions would be best advised to ring them at the store for clarification on what can or can’t be signed, and to PRE-ORDER BOOKS!

Little Brown to Publish The Twilight Saga: The Complete Film Archive

EW has just released some exciting news from Little Brown, the publishers of the Twilight novels:

For those of you anticipating Nov. 16th — the release of the final Twilight movie — with a mix of utmost dread and excitement, the good folks at Little, Brown will be releasing the definitive, lushly photographed tome to commemorate the record-breaking film series on Oct. 9. EW got the first peek at the cover and the scoop on what you can find inside — from the looks of it, you’ll have a hard time prying this must-have from a true Twihard’s cold, dead hands. Feast your eyes below!

See details and the full cover art at EW