Rami Malek and Jackson Rathbone Together in The War at Home

Looks like Jackson Rathbone could welcome Rami Malek to the Twilight family and give him a few pointers on the experience since they have worked together before.

While I was looking around for background info on Rami Malek, I also found this great interview about Rami’s life changing role in HBO miniseries, The Pacific.

So what do you think about Rami?

Breaking Dawn Casting Announcement: Meet Benjamin

ET got the scoop at their post Emmy Awards party. Rami Malek (no doubt his IMDB ranking is going through the roof as we speak) will be playing Benjamin. He is probably best known for his roles in 24, The Pacific, and Night at the Museum.

Benjamin, who is mated with Tia, was created by Amun knowing that the boy would be special. Amun has since been trying to turn Benjamin’s ability to manipulate earth, air, fire, and water into a weapon, but Benjamin is very independent and won’t be used.  He bonds quickly with many of the covens and nomads gathered at the Cullen’s house and declares that he will stand with them if the Volturi attack. They are all members of the Egyptian coven.

We are going to go out on a limb and say it also seems highly probable that this is Rami’s real Twitter in that it was made months ago, and it covers his former and upcoming work. We are checking official channels to be sure.

Via Hollywood Crush