Paul McDonald Gushes Over Nikki Reed

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Paul McDonald Mentions His Upcoming Wedding to Nikki Reed

Here’s a tidbit of the conversation found here on a video. (Sorry it won’t let us embed it)

“”I’m getting married – yes – to the lovely Nikki Reed. That’s been really exciting,” McDonald, 26, tells PEOPLE. “I’m really pumped up about that. She’s an amazing lady, and I’m very lucky to be hanging out with her.”

Nikki Reed Attends Amercian Idol Final Four

Ew was there in the audience and they have the full report:

“Paulie McD goes Hollywood As the crew set the stage for James Durbin’s opening number, Paul McDonald sauntered into the Idoldome, one hand clutching two tickets, the other the hand of actress Nikki Reed. The Twilight star was beaming with a practiced starlet grin; the former Idol troubadour looked like he was going to throw up at any given moment. The duo were led up to their seats a few rows back, and then swiftly led back down them and out of the studio once the audience peeps realized that it would likely be a good idea to place the season’s second most talked about couple up closer where the cameras would likely better capture their blinding smiles, photogenic affection, and possible vomit. After the first ad break, they returned to the Idoldome and were placed in the perfect spot, just off Randy’s shoulders. Not literally just off Randy’s shoulders, although now that’s the one image that is going to stay with me for the rest of the night: Little tiny Paulie McD trying in vain to see his famous girlfriend on the other side of Randy Jackson’s massive cranium.

Annnnyhoodle, for the rest of the night — save when Debbie the Stage Manager pulled Paul and fellow season 10 alum Casey Abrams up to the balcony to plug the Idol tour — Paul’s left arm never really left its perch atop Nikki’s left shoulder. When Paul wanted to applaud, he simply slapped his thigh with his right hand. He simply was never going to let go, and I can’t exactly say I blame him. It really is a good thing he got down off of Randy’s shoulders, huh?”

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Another of Paul McDonald’s big fans is Peter Facinelli who hired Paul to be on the soundtrack of his movie Loosies.

Paul McDonald Talks To TV Guide About Nikki Reed

The part towards the end where he talks about realizing he actually has seen the films is funny. Click here for the video

Twilight Stars Working Connections

There is an old adage that goes, “It’s who you know not what you know.” Now it may sound a little cynical, but those connections do help. Here are some of the cool ways Twilight actors are teaming up to work on other projects, and at the same time pulling in new talent.

It’s been confirmed by former American Idol contestant Paul McDonald that he and Nikki Reed are seeing each other. The two met at the Red Riding Hood premiere(check out the .49 mark of the above video). Nikki wasn’t the only Twilight actor to be a Paul fan. Peter Facinelli tweeted back on April 7th, “Calling all pfach Followers. Give Paul Macdonald your vote this week on American idol. I luv this guys music. Only a half hour left to vote.” Just last night Peter announced on Twitter, “Loosies signs @pmcdonaldAI10 to be on soundtrack.”

Then Peter talked to MTV and gave them the scoop:

“”I was telling Nikki [Reed, McDonald’s girlfriend and Facinelli’s ‘Twilight’ co-star] I was looking for music for my movie, and she said, ‘You should look through Paul’s stuff,’ ” Facinelli recalled. “She was a big fan of his, I heard, and I thought it really worked for my movie, so I played some tracks over it, where we had temp tracks, and it just all worked. So I reached out to Paul, I sent him the movie, and he enjoyed it a lot, and he said he wanted to be a part of it, which I was stoked.”

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Facinelli added that McDonald’s original music is really inspirational and fit well with what he was doing on “Loosies.”

Now Peter and Nikki aren’t the only ones collaborating. Michael Sheen and Toni Trunks are teaming up too. Over the last couple of days, Toni Trucks (who plays Mary in Breaking Dawn) has been tweeting about Wales and that she was traveling there. Well Wales is the site (specifically Port Talbot) where Michael Sheen is producing a Passion Play for Easter in his home town, and Mary is in the cast of professional actors and local citizens.

According to South

PORT Talbot church members are preparing to welcome people who are taking part in Michael Sheen‘s Passion play.

The doors of St Mary’s Church will be left open on Friday, April 22, and Saturday, April 23 during the open air play held over Easter weekend.

The Aberavon church will see five hours of continuous drama taking place in and just outside the churchyard on Saturday, and the church will be open from 10am to 6pm to give visitors a chance to go inside and receive free tea, coffee and bottled water.

In total the three-day play, which is being staged by National Theatre Wales, will be supported by 1,000 cast members from the community, as well as 14 local professional actors and Michael Sheen, who is the creative director.”

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