Paul McDonald Mentions His Upcoming Wedding to Nikki Reed

Here’s a tidbit of the conversation found here on a video. (Sorry it won’t let us embed it)

“”I’m getting married – yes – to the lovely Nikki Reed. That’s been really exciting,” McDonald, 26, tells PEOPLE. “I’m really pumped up about that. She’s an amazing lady, and I’m very lucky to be hanging out with her.”


  1. I think it’s a little too soon for them to get married. Maybe they should wait for a while… they just got engaged…

  2. This all sounds so fast to me. How long has Nikki and Paul been dating? How long have they known each other? They just got engaged, and they’re getting married soon? Is she pregnant? I’m all for finding your true love but so many people rush in and then divorce 6 months later.

  3. I wish them all the best. Atleast they are getting married!

  4. I am so excited for them! They are adorable together and everytime you see Nikki lately she looks ridiculously happy. I think that they have a very good chance of making things work.

  5. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Congratulations to Nikki and Paul, and best wishes for many years of happiness!

  6. i give them 4 months then they’re going to split.
    I’ve never been a fan of Nikki, and always thought of her wanting to have all the attention and such.

    • I was skeptical too, go to and read her blog, she changed my mind. I loved what she was saying, and really believe she loves him. I didn’t like her much before visiting that site and reading. I misjudged.

  7. I love them both, but it seems like this all happened so fast. As long as they’re happy, I guess, thats all that matters. Hopefully it won’t be short lived.

  8. she is nuts most of guys want there money because they have alot if she marry she needs to have a prenup so he does not get any of the money

  9. Doesn’t sound like he’s ready for marriage. He says he’s “lucky to be hanging out with her” – why? Because she’s an actress? Because he’s getting some publicity over this? Oh, Nikki, I think you should wait a bit longer.

    • that’s the part that made me kind of cringe too – “lucky to be hanging out”? – if you’re getting married than you’re lucky to be the one person in the world who she agreed to spend the rest of her life with and you should be equally as thrilled to spending the rest of your life with her – had to get that out, i feel like no one understands the sanctity or beauty of marriage anymore.

      that being said, it’s one comment, i really shouldn’t judge their entire relationship on this one comment

  10. wow i am surprised! to all those worried that it’s too fast though, sometimes people just know and that’s ok for them. my husband and i talked about getting married only 2 months after we dated, finally tying the knot 9 months later. we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary later this month. it’s not right for everyone, but when you know, you know. i trust that they know what they’re doing. it could just be one of those relationships. i say congrats to them and i hope they have a beautiful and long life together.

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