The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack Fan Perspective

This week on Laura breaks down some of the fan reaction to the Breaking dawn Soundtrack artists.

Sitting at the end of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack list is Carter Burwell’s Plus Que Ma Prope Vie. Burwell, the composer for Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2, will likely have another piano feature. The only thing more iconic from the first movie than Parmore’s Decode, was Burwell’s haunting series of chords from the score that typified longing and loneliness. Fans realize that the title of the track matches the inscription inside the locket that Renesmee wears meaning “more than my own life”. Though it’s listed at the end, fans are hoping that it underscores a family moment between Edward, Bella, and Renesmee.

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Chris Weitz Interview on Movies Online

Chris Weitz gave an interview to Movies Online about the perils of shooting around crowds and more.

Q: How hard was it to shoot, now that the cast is so much more popular? Did you have to have extra security?

Chris: It was with Rob and Kristen, and all of the cast. It’s not just Rob. It’s really anybody who embodies, for these fans, the characters that they love. In the very best way, they have a hard time distinguishing between the love that they feel for the characters and the love that they feel for people they don’t know, who are the actors. So, yeah, you need security and you need people to protect them from the love of the fans, which is different from being the bodyguard for someone that someone is trying to assassinate. It’s a good thing, but sometimes you do worry about people getting crushed.

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