Peter Facinelli Makes Thanksgiving Craft With Martha Stewart: Video

Check out Peter working side-by-side with Martha Stewart.

Peter Facinelli on Martha Stewart, and New Film Starting This Summer

Peter Facinelli mentioned this item briefly during the Q&A at the Los Angeles Official Twilight Convention. According to Vanity Fair, ”

Verdi-Corrente Prods. has signed “Twilight” actor Peter Facinelli to star in two features helmed by Michael Corrente.

The drama-comedy “Loosies” is in pre-production with production slated for mid-summer.

Biopic “Paz,” based on the life of boxer Vinnie Pazienza, will launch early next year. Facinelli and Chad A. Verdi will co-produce both films.

Facinelli played Carlisle Cullen in the first two “Twilight” installments and will return in the third pic, “Eclipse,” set for a June release. He also stars opposite Edie Falco in Showtime’s dark comedy series “Nurse Jackie.”

Facinelli penned “Loosies,” in which he’ll play a successful pickpocket in the New York living the outlaw lifestyle until confronted with an old one-night stand who tells him that she is pregnant with his child.

“Paz” centers on Pazienza’s comeback from a near-fatal car accidentk. Told by doctors he would never walk again, Pazienza trained in secret and was able to re-enter the ring.”

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