Driftwood: AKA Giagantic Tree At LaPush

One of the things we tell people all the time when they ask us about LaPush is the amount of driftwood that washes up and its size. For most of us, we probably think of driftwood as being at most a foot or two, something the size of a pruned tree branch. Well at LaPush it’s more like drift logs and a whole drift forest on the shoreline.

When we had the opportunity to talk to Chris Cook, the editor of The Forks Forum, back in summer 2009, he told us why the wood was so huge. It’s a two-part answer: 1) there is no break for the intense winter storms that come across the Pacific and 2) the trees in the area actually have fairly shallow roots. In the winter time people are frequently cut off from travel due to fallen tress across the roads.

The above photo shocked even us, we’ve never seen a tree that big washed up on LaPush before. Check out the details on Earth Science Picture of the Day. TY to Caffeinated42 on Twitter for the heads up.

CNN: Five Great Movie Locations to Visit

CNN has a list of five great movie locations to visit. Twilight is on the list and is especially prominent in their photo gallery. Minor point is that they feature Forks and La Push and don’t have a single photo up of any actual filming location in Portland, Vancouver, or Montepulciano. We suppose it’s the thought that counts.

3. “Twilight” series, Washington state

The Forks, Washington, area has turned into “Twilight” heaven. Visitors can enjoy dinner at Bella Italia in Port Angeles, where Edward and Bella had their first date; stop by Forks Outfitters, where Bella worked; and travel to Forks High School, where the two first met (rumored to be the filming location for the school scenes.)

Additionally, the area boasts stand-in homes of the Swans and Cullens and motels such as the Dew Drop Inn, complete with “Bella’s suite” featuring black and red bedding.”

Check out the story and fellow nominees on CNN