Josh Horowitz Looks Back on His Twilight Saga Ride

MTV’s Josh Horowitz takes stock of the Twilight roller-coaster as it’s time to get off.

The first interviewed the cast in 2010 (yes, those 50 interviews happened in less than three years). Larry had moved on and I was becoming more of an on-camera “personality” so the timing made sense. Fans of the series of course want to know what the cast is “really” like. The boring but true answer is they’re real. Love or hate Rob and Kristen’s awkwardness but don’t doubt the sincerity. I’ve seen these guys on and off camera and there’s no difference. And that was the case in my first interaction with them, and it was the case on Monday night when Rob told me he thought a bird had just crapped on him and Kristen told me all she wanted was to take off her shoes. Looking for canned talk show answers? Move on. They’re not playing that game.

Depending on your perspective, I’ve either had the best or most torturous job in the world in recent years. Twilight is not for everybody. I get it. And truth be told if I wasn’t doing what I do, I probably wouldn’t appreciate the franchise and actors as much as I do. But for whatever reason, I did luck into this front row seat. And the ride has been an absolute blast. Thanks, Stephenie.

See you all on the next one.

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On behalf of the Lexicon, we’d like to thank Josh for all he’s done. We’ve tried not to show too much overt favoritism over the years, but Josh, you were hands down THE BEST and our PERSONAL FAVORITE!

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