Vancouver Restaurants Looking Forward to the Return of Breaking Dawn Actors

The Vancouver Sun is profiling several eateries where the Twilight actors have been before.

“Davie Street’s India Bistro owner Kamal Mroke, too, is calm about the fact that Pattinson came in several times for his chicken tikka (one time driving straight from the airport to the restaurant).

But his daughter, who was 17 years old at the time, stopped speaking to him for a couple of days for having withheld such explosive information from her. “When I told her afterwards, she was jumping up and down. She said I was evil for not calling her. She didn’t talk to me for two days.”

Adds Mroke: “One thing I’ll tell you. This kid, you’d never think he was a star. When he came, he was like a normal person, eating, chatting. “

We’ve been to one of the restaurants that they featured, Global. We went there with other Twilight site operators(pictured above: Kara TwiMoms, Kallie and Kassie TST Podcast, Matt TwiSource/Imprint Podcast Laura and Lori) when we went for our New Moon set visit…and yes…the Kobe meatballs are just that good. So if you are traveling to Vancouver to get a look at the exterior sets, use this article as a guide.

Glowbal Goes Global

How do you get your restaurant on the international map? Well it certainly doesn”t hurt to have Robert Pattinson frequent the joint most recently spending his 23rd birthday there with family and castmates.

Glowbal Grill and Satay hosted the Twilight cast early on in the filming process several times. It was written up in the Vancouver Sun where the article talked about Rob’s love for their Kobe meatballs and signature martini. It certainly was one of the reasons why the site Twilight site operators who arrived in Vancouver early for their set visit decided to pay the place a visit.

The Kobe meatballs were a big hit, as was the Sattay Sample Platter where you could pretty much taste a little bit of everything.  Signature martini, can’t say it was bad, but we can’t say (unlike the meatballs) it was worth the hype. After our experience there, no wonder the cast liked it: great food, relaxed Soho feel, and a seating section not directly in front of a panormaic window so there’s at least a chance at privacy.

Well it seems that lots of Vancouver locals: fans, photographers, etc. on a hunch decided to stake out Glowbal hoping that Rob would return (though he hadn’t been there in weeks) and celebrate his 23rd birthday there. According to the manager,

“”They weren’t fooling anybody,” said Mr. Bowers, adding that many of the photographers hid their cameras and just casually strolled around the front and rear entrance of the Mainland Street grill. “It was quite comical.”

Once Rob actually arrived and the Twitter brigade started it got quite busy, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Looks like Glowbal is going to be doing some serious buisness, which couldn’t hurt with the Olympics coming to town this winter. It’s great when the one place everyone knows the name of is yours!

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