Next Fad: Vampire Facelifts?

Throw this one in the “just when you thought you’d heard of everything” category.

“Legend has it that vampires stay young-looking by feasting on the blood of others, but a new, real-life cosmetic procedure turns the tables. The so-called “vampire facelift” involves injecting a patient’s own blood into her wrinkles and hollow cheeks to turn back the clock. Here’s a brief guide:

What exactly is a “vampire facelift”?
It’s not a facelift really, but rather an in-office cosmetic procedure in which an injectible substance known as Sephyl is used to fill in wrinkles and furrows, and give the appearance of youth. But, unlike common fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, the substance in question is based on a patient’s own blood. Blood is drawn from a patient’s arm, and the platelets are spun out using a Selphyl-brand centrifuge. It’s this “platelet-rich fibrin matrix” that is then injected.”

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