Julia Jones To Do Music Video

chuck-juliaJulia Jones, who plays Leah Clearwater in the upcoming Eclipse movie, is going to be in a Chuck Wicks music video. According to The Boot:

“The two never met until last week and didn’t even know each other existed until a mutual friend put them together. “I talked to my publicist out in L.A and said, ‘I need somebody that’s just a great actress, that’s exotic and sexy,” Chuck tells The Boot. “And she [said], ‘I’ve got the perfect person … Julia Jones.’ And so, you know me, I googled her! And I said, ‘She’s perfect.’ And she said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it.’ [Julia] heard the song and loved it. That’s what was mind-blowing to me is that she said she loved the song and that was cool.”

Julia didn’t know anything about Chuck before getting cast in the music video, so, naturally she took similar action to the singer. “I got this phone call and the first thing I thought of was, ‘Well, let me hear the song,'” the actress tells The Boot. “So I did two things — I listened to the song and then I googled Chuck. And I said, [giggling] ‘OK!'”

Read the rest on the Boot. Via TwilightPoison