Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere Camping Advice from Expert!

Our friends over at His Golden Eyes (now known as pages to premiere) have some fantastic advice for those camping out at the premiere next week. A lot of newbies have been emailing us and now you have advice courtesy of Amy (Oh My Carlisle on twitter) who camped for the first time last year and is back in camp section 6 this year.


I camped out for ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1’ premiere and I will be out there again this year (Shout out to Group 6!).  These tips are based on my experience and I tried to cover as much as I can think of to cover. I also live in the Los Angeles area. I’ve included images from my experience to give you some visuals as well!

Book a local hotel room! 
I can’t stress this one enough. Do you really want to get near Robert Pattinson after not showering for four days? Hotels are your home base.  You can charge your electronic devices and get online. You can store items that are expensive or you don’t want to get ruined by the elements. You can get a shower and use a toilet. You can get warm or cool off.  You can take a nap in a bed. A lot of people book a hotel room and split it among a group bigger than the occupancy because they are not sleeping in the room. I could never do this without having a hotel room within walking distance and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else do it either.

Prepare for the elements 
Southern California may have a reputation for sunny and 70 degrees, but as campers learned last year, that is definitely not always the case.  On the second night of BD1 camp a storm blew in that flooded tents, soaked campers and blew some items away. Make sure your tent is waterproof.  Make sure you bring extra layers including gloves and hats. It can get very chilly, especially at night when you are tying to sleep on concrete.  Conversely, it could be 90 degrees and sunny the whole time. Don’t forget sunscreen. Most importantly, keep an eye on the weather forecast.

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