Christina Perri Spills the Beans on an Artist and Actor Breaking Dawn Tour

According to The Hollywood Reporter (yet to be confirmed by Summit so realize these dates and locations may not be 100% solid):

Twilight is hitting the road for a unique run of promotional dates. From Nov. 7 through Nov. 11, one week before The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 opens nationally, select members of the movie’s cast along with musicians featured on the soundtrack will make appearances in five U.S. cities.

Exactly which Twilight characters will appear in the flesh has yet to be revealed, but the mini-tour kicks off in Atlanta and will travel to concert venues in Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Salt Lake City. Singer Christina Perri (slated to play three dates), Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz and Sleeping At Last (booked for other two dates) will each perform a brief set including the song they contributed to the movie’s soundtrack.

They quote Perri as saying:

The video for “A Thousand Years” will premiere on Nov. 17. In the meantime, Perri is looking forward to the great unknown. “They’re so secretive about everything,” she says of Summit Entertainment’s rollout plan for the tour. “But I hear there’s a private plane involved and I think it’s the Cullens that will be [on it] — the family, all the siblings and maybe some werewolves. But it doesn’t matter to me. I’d be stoked if it was an extra from the movies… If you would’ve told the Christina Perri of 2007 –who was waitressing all day and coming home every night to read one page of Twilight at a time, so it wouldn’t run out — that four years from now, she was going to be on a private plane with the cast, I think I would’ve passed out. It’s going to be a very surreal moment.”

Hopefully this will pan out. Having a music tour is a brilliant concept with these indie bands, too bad it hasn’t happened before! We’ve come a long way from those Hot Topic mall tours!