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Evening News

With only one day until the release of Breaking Dawn there are articles springing up everywhere about our favorite series.

The Chicago Tribune has an article on the Twilight Saga and what makes it so popular.

In an American culture drenched in sexually charged ads, movies, music and books, the "Twilight" series of romance novels by Stephenie Meyer are surprise hits, subverting expectations and hearkening to a more innocent time.

has another article on Stephenie and her place in pop culture. 



TE will be hosting an event to celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn.  The activity
is a Twilight Trivia Contest, and anyone can participate.

Check out our rules and information page here.




The Calgary Herald has an article    on Stephenie and what some of the fans think about Edward. 



New Video from EW

EW has a new clip of Catherine and Stephenie posted from Comic-Con.  They talk about the cast and the clip that was shown there.

Lexicon Summer school Part 3

This week we bring to you some very impressive student projects.  Students from middle school to college have sent in times when they have used Twilight in the classroom.  This is a small sampling of some of the great work Twilighters have done.  There will be more to come in the next few weeks!!

The Great Debate


Last week tons of people chimed in with their thoughts on Love and Mythical Creatures. This week we have a very interesting topic for you.  It is certainly a question that to this day gets fans in heated discussions.  This week we present:

Was Edward an idiot to leave Bella in NM? Or was it justified? Was this noble of him, or arrogant, or selfish, or stupid, or just tragically mistaken? If you think it was wrong of him (rather than just a terrible mistake), can you forgive him?

We’re going to try a slightly different format this week. To get the discussion rolling, we’re putting up a pair of starting posts, one Pro and one Con, to lay out some beginning arguments on either side of the debate.

 ** Remember that the debate threads are only open for one week before we change the topic.  We understand that you may want to keep discussing certain topics but we are trying to maintain the threads and keep things organized.  Thank you for understanding.

Lexicon Summer school Part 2

Last week we introduced you to some of the stories people shared with us about Twilight being used in school.  This week we are focusing on some of the very special teachers that have found inventive ways to incorporate Twilight in their classrooms or just found ways to engage students in reading through these very special stories.  

The Twilight Lexicon would like to salute the teachers who have thought outside of the box and found creative ways to use Twilight and inspire the students in their classrooms.  Twilight has been used to teach point of view, to inspire students to write, and to take kids who have been labeled as impossible only to prove that with a little interest from a teacher they were more than capable.  Please enjoy reading the stories sent in by all the amazing teachers who have taken their passion of educating and incorporated people’s enthusiasm for Twilight into truly amazing learning experiences.



The Great Debate

Last week we debuted the Debate Forum and many of you participated in great discussions on Are Vampires Dead?   This week we bring you a whole new question topic suggested by mogo1216 about Love and the Mythical Creature

The Twilight series shows us very young people making very grave decisions on the strength of the love they feel for each other. Are we meant to think that they are old enough to judge their feelings accurately? If Bella thinks she’s too young to get married, is she old enough to be certain she loves Edward enough to give up her humanity for him? Can Jake really know he loves Bella, when he is only 16?

Of course these are all fictional characters from a world of monsters and magic, which raises a further question. Even if you think that Bella and Jake know what they are doing, do you think this is realistic for real life teenagers?

A huge THANK YOU to DECEMBER for being an amazing moderator in the forum and keeping the discussion moving!!  Hope you all enjoy the new topic and remember you can submit topics to


Twilight Summer School First Edition

Pel had this idea a few weeks ago that we should do a piece on Twilight being used in the classroom. Being a teacher, I was very excited about this idea so much so that I asked to be the point person on it. I started off this project like any other, making an announcement on the front page asking for your stories. I figured I would receive two types of stories: ones from teachers and ones from students. I even created labels so I could remember which story was which as I sorted through them all. I soon realized that two labels were not enough.

Not only had teachers and students written in, but so had librarians, school secretaries, parents, college professors, college students at all levels, and community outreach workers as well.   The diversity of people using Twilight for educational purposes was surprising.

I had never thought about using Twilight to teach ESL Parents about literary elements so they could understand what their students were learning or creating Twilight Tournaments to coincide with Teen Read week. The stories sent are both inspirational and funny. Twilight has been a proven tool in the classroom whether your teaching kids about point of view, using it in an ESL class, or tempting the non-readers with a 500+ page book that they can’t put down.  

Over the summer we will be featuring the stories from teachers, students and everyone in between.   Each week there will be stories and sometimes artwork that was inspired by Twilight in the classroom.  

Read more of the entries submitted here.

The Great Debate

We talked about it several weeks and the time has finally come, the Lexicon Debate Forum is now open!

Every Sunday we will bring you a new topic of discussion.  This weeks topic is……….

Are we meant to think of vampires as dead? Or is that just Werewolf prejudice?  How far are we warranted to see the probable outcome of BD as a story about "two dead teens"?

Please join the discussion and if you have a topic for debate please send it to