Lexicon Summer school Part 2

Last week we introduced you to some of the stories people shared with us about Twilight being used in school.  This week we are focusing on some of the very special teachers that have found inventive ways to incorporate Twilight in their classrooms or just found ways to engage students in reading through these very special stories.  

The Twilight Lexicon would like to salute the teachers who have thought outside of the box and found creative ways to use Twilight and inspire the students in their classrooms.  Twilight has been used to teach point of view, to inspire students to write, and to take kids who have been labeled as impossible only to prove that with a little interest from a teacher they were more than capable.  Please enjoy reading the stories sent in by all the amazing teachers who have taken their passion of educating and incorporated people’s enthusiasm for Twilight into truly amazing learning experiences.




  1. these are great stories! I wish twilight had been around when I was I school! kudos teachers!!!!

  2. Neat! I wish my english teacher would use twilight! Then again, every single girl in my class has already read it! Ha hA!

  3. Michelle says:

    She’s not my teacher, but Ms. Truitt from Novel Novice I hear is a great teacher, who has introduced many students to Twilight.

  4. Reading these makes me so happy!!
    I am always trying to inspire people to read books. Especially great classics that everyone says suck but are actually works of genius. I almost cried with happiness when I read the one about Romeo and Juliet.

    Twilight is getting people to reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaddd!!!!!!!!

  5. I just love that people are being inspired to think! Especially when I think of all those kids my age whose minds are usually consumed by television and other brainless media.

    Twilight is beautiful.

  6. I think it’s amazing that people are accomplishing so much with these books!!!!

  7. wow, i wish we could have such amazing teachers in our school…
    my teacher highly disapproves of twilight, and she actually banned me and my twilight friends from bringing it on a two night class trip!
    it was torture! (i hadn’t gone without it for a really long time) all me and my friends talked about was twilight for the whole trip, and she spent the whole time glaring at us…

  8. Wow, that was simply inspiring! I am so glad that Twilight has had such a possitive impact on so many people. The last story especially was touching!

  9. i love reading these stories and seeing all the ways twilight can be applied everyday

    wow i cant imagine why your teacher disapproves of twilight, do you have any idea why?

  10. Great Stories πŸ˜€ Last year I lent out my copy of Eclipse to my English teacher, that’s the only Twilight school experience I have had…

  11. Reading for me has always been an escape. A way to connect with myself when I could not find myself in the day to day routine of life. I applaud these teachers for finding a way to connect with their students. For finding a way to help these young adults find themselves in the stories.

  12. These stories are so inspiring. It’s great to see how Twilight’s made such a great impact all over the world. I did two projects on Eclipse for my English class last year as well, one for a book chat, the other for my final. Twilight is beyond amazing.

  13. Natasha says:

    I wish my LA/SS teacher would have a Twilight related day!

    I’m so happy that Twilight could touch people’s lifes. πŸ™‚
    These are truly inspirational.

  14. why cant my language arts teacher let us read twilight for school. then maybe i would stop getting wierded out stares from people everytime i say im in love witha 107 year old vampire… πŸ˜€ jk

  15. ccoledude says:

    OME! I love reading these stories! They are the best!! Thanks for summiting them everyone!

  16. What great stories these teachers are telling.

  17. COOLIO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    who ever thought that school would be something that aaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllll of us look foreward to??!!! πŸ˜‰

  18. I think twilight has got to be one of the most well-known and good for you books! its like chocolate…it makes you feel waaay better about everything

    thats probably why its so effective in a learning environmeny…. it inspires EVERY single person who reads it (My 16-year old brother too)

  19. amanda: no, i have no idea why, she’s just weird!

  20. NicoleLovesEdward says:

    Wow, i really wish my teachers would bring twilight into our curriculum. Huh, maybe next year. I read above about that teacher BANNING TWILIGHT!!! OMG, i would throw a fit if i had a teacher like that. It is very…odd that a TEACHER would ban READING!! its very… un-teacherly…

  21. can one or more of these awesome teachers PLEASE come and work at my school? pretty please?

  22. This was so much fun to watch! I love the Wolf PACK!!!!!!

  23. Enough for Forever says:

    Very cool. My English teacher was an amazingly talented teacher, but he wasn’t the type of guy that would read Twilight by choice, and if his wife made him read it (I doubt it), he didn’t tell us. As much as I loved him, it would be awesome if I had a teacher that could use Twilight in class. No such luck for next year though. I know exactly who my teacher will be, and I’ve heard he’s horrible, but he’s the only junior AP teacher we’ve got.

    but anyway, you teachers rock! Maybe I can use these ideas to bring Twilight back in ten or so years when I start teaching!

  24. my english teacher, he hates the book! his wife read it and decided he needs to be more perfect than he thinks he is! it is so funny!! he is the best english teacher i have ever had and probably in the history of the world!!

  25. In school, we have also read the books. The people that already knew about Twilight were so happy like me and my friends. We had to do study guides along with the book and I did them while the tape was playing. hahaha. Before the school did that, you would see the Twilight books throughtout the halls, but now there EVERYWHERE!

  26. And to add, I also brought my English teachers and an English I don’t even have’s books to get signed by Stephenie Meyer. hahaha

  27. the stories are great!

    I almost started crying =)

    it is fascinating that twilight helps people in so many different ways!

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