Stephenie Meyer to do Tumblr Q & A Tuesday Nov 10

Stephenie Meyer will be talking about the 10th anniversary edition of Twilight and Life and Death on Tumblr

Full details here


  1. I don’t have tumblr and won’t sign up. But can someone ask for me if she will release Midnight Sun the same way she released Life&Death, as a complete surprise and industry secret?

  2. Yareisy galvan says

    Can you make a movie of Jacob and Reneesme like I really need to now what happens to them if they get married

  3. KyLee Ray McIntosh says

    I love twilight but stephanie i have one question how many characters that were essentially vampires?

    • This might seem weird but I am trying to find my daughter and I googled her name and this post came up. I am just checking to see if you might be her. If you are not I am sorry for disturbing you. Thank you for your time.

  4. sky and kyky wiser says

    how many characters were essentially vampire, we’re studying twilight in class lol