What is the Status of Sequels of the Host and Other Stephenie Meyer Novels?

TheHostPBStephenie Meyer talked to Andrew Sims in a great interview on Hypable (which seriously everyone needs to read because it has the the most detailed information on multiple topics fans are dying to know about). Andrew asked Stephenie about the status of sequels to The Host.

The Host came out in the spring of 2008. It was originally intended to have two sequels and to therefore be a trilogy. The other two installments were to be called The Seeker and the Soul respectively.

Here’s what Andrew found out in his interview (read the full interview here)

Q: So other projects. The Host. There’s been talk of a sequel. Is that —

SM: It’s partially written. This is where I’m dealing with the most frustrating writer’s block, where I just know everything that happens. Maybe I need to do it on my recorder and just have someone else type it up. I don’t know.

Now as to other new works, at New York Comic Con, Stephenie mentioned a new project. Well it may be a lot closer than you thought.

Q: And you also revealed recently you’re working on a separate book right now?

SM: I have one that’s in the editing phase. I wrote the book, I have my edit packet. It’s going to kill me. But it’s a — it’s not YA. It’s not fantasy. It’s a thriller set in today’s — it’s as realistic as the Jason Bourne movies are. It’s in that kind of slightly heightened existence.

Q: It’s for adults?

SM: It’s not gonna be — I mean, a lot of people die — but it’s not super hardcore. It’s not like younger fans couldn’t read it.

[Stephenie later revealed she hopes to have this book out next year.]


  1. It would be great to have something new from her! Hopefully we will soon. 🙂

  2. YES! I enjoy her books so much–all of them–that I’ll be watching for everything she wants to give us. Yes, it might have begun with Twilight, of which I am a big fan, but I’ve read The Host and am awaiting more. Just more. I love your writing style. Thanks Stephenie!

  3. So relieved she is still writing.

  4. I’m so glad to hear she’s written another book! I don’t read very many thrillers, but if Stephenie writes it I will read it!

  5. I love her snarky humor! I am delighted that she is still writing along with the nine million other things she has on her plate. Yay!

  6. I loved The Host, but I swear, if she doesn’t come up with a sequel soon, I’ll go crazy! I have to know if there are other souls like Wanda, Sunny, and Burns. What happens to all of them, do they ever win the planet back? Ms. Meyers, please don’t make us wait any longer!

    • I agree! I need a sequel to the Host! It was amazing and I don’t know how it didn’t catch on like the Twilight series. I just happened upon it. I don’t think many people know about it. But it was great! The movie felt rushed but I always like the book better…lol. but I cannot wait for another! I pray it’s soon and I hope they make movies out of them!

  7. Michealla says

    I just want to know if anyone knows when and for sure if there is a second book to The Host book I have read The Host a nib f times every time I get to the part were Wanderer is going to die I cry I get so connected to the characters in the books I read. Please let me know that would be great.

    • I know exactly how you feel! I read it years ago and kept putting off watching the movie. I finally did and I cried just like I did reading the book. I became so attached, so involved. Like I’m part of it. I love books that can transport you like that. I need another one! Hope it’s soon!

  8. It’s been a ridiculous amount of years since the host came out I don’t think there’s ever going to be a second book and if there was I don’t think I would bother reading it at this point

    • Since 2008 doesn’t feel so long if you look at the Night World series: Supposed to be 10 books, 9th came out in 1998, still no 10th.

  9. I’m losing it! I can’t keep watching the movie and re-reading the book! But at least I know she is in the process She was going through some writers block. Don’t know if its still going on but I’ll still wait 🙂

  10. Is she trying to become George R.R. Martin or what? He is the only writer I can remember of telling everyone he will write a book, and we are still waiting after so much time till its release, but GRRM does gives his fans some chapters of the book, so in the end… we know he is writing. I’m not sure what she is doing… clearly not writing. Why do people such things, honestly? If you can’t write a book, just tell us already or even better, just not ever come up with the first book in the first place. That’s a good idea, write your sequels before you publish the first book so people are not going crazy in the mean time.

  11. This waiting is killing me. I’m starting to think it isn’t going to happen, but if it does, I will read it! I would love to know more! One of my favorite books!

  12. I loved reading The Host so much, but after so many years of waiting for the second book i just wish that Stephenie would tell us directly and thruthfully whether this book will ever be published… the waiting and not knowing is killing me

  13. After almost a decade after The Host coming out I honestly doubt she’ll ever get to the sequels at this point. Especially since she has moved onto other projects since then. Perhaps she decided it was not worth it after the movie flopped.

  14. I agree the movie was really rushed… almost like if you flipped through the book giving a scene to explain a chapter, a summary. But the book is Incredible! I read it three times. I hope she does come out with it. But if she doesn’t plan to i wish she would tell her fans she has moved off the project.

  15. 2018 and still no Sequel. I read the host a Million times, the chemist is out and I’m just sad and frustrated. 10 year old me read the book for the first time and 20 yo me is About to become a lawyer and I’m seriously considering to sue Mrs. Meyer for torturing me for 10 years 😉