Video: Stephenie Meyer Speaking About Midnight Sun’s Status

We reported earlier that there was a Midnight Sun and Grey connection. Here is video where you can hear it word for word.

Stephenie talking about Midnight Sun and why she stopped working on it again. UGGHHH damn fifty another reason to hate that shit!!!! Alice Nobel

Posted by Gabrielle Vittoria on Thursday, October 8, 2015


  1. Please, please finish Midnight Sun!!!

  2. Nicole meek says

    I have read both series and honestly wonder why anyone cares about Christian Grey’s point of view. Ok some people might find it interesting. Both male characters dark in their own way. However, though both are love stories with a twist,Midnight Sun was out there first. Fans would love to see this story out for the rest of the world. As with the rest of the Twilight series it is unique- shines on its own. I read Midnight Sun on Stephanie’s website long ago and still hunger for more. Definitely worth her time.

  3. Leave it to SM to successfully find an excuse to not finish what we have been begging her for for years!

    • oh please it’s her book. Leave alone already !

    • I whole heartedly agree, she is just being petty. Who cares if E.L. James did ‘Grey’ in fact good for her for actually giving her fans something they wanted. At least the first time she stomped all over MS, there was a tiny piece of me that tried to understand her logic, but now I just find her to be an elite and bitter person. After her own comments on the series that made her rich, I have no respect for her as a person. I get that everyone goes through stages so maybe she is over it, but there is no reason for her to be the way she is. Ungrateful… very sad. Personally I am sure there is a fanfiction of MS that will certainly be better than her own version that will never be finished.

      The whole thing makes me wonder if she was just the face of the real writer and they passed away and these are the best excuses she can come up with.

  4. Excuse after excuse from Stephenie. I guess it’s easier to pass the buck than admitting she’s lost her Twi mojo and can only change the names and sexes of her characters to recycle the same story. Fifty Shades is NOT the only story inspired by her work but it does take the most heat for it.

  5. Just think. If Stephenie would have Midnight Sun published then all of this complaining would stop.
    The Twilight series would be complete and all would be right with the world.
    One has to question if that would be alright with Stephenie. Does she like having fans asking her to finish it ? Does she need that constant attention? She once said she was so “over” Twilight you’d think she’d finish the series and publish MS.
    Then it would be done she could leave on a high note and fans would leave her alone.
    Oh yes, and then fans might start supporting her work again.

  6. I originally understood her reason for not finishing but now I am so frustrated that I won’t read any of her other books until she does finish it. For her fans to want this so desperately and for her to keep denying them is just plain mean and selfish. If it weren’t for the fans, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

    • I 100% agree, I mean honestly at this point why say anything in response to MS. No response would be better than some lame jab at another author.

  7. I can’t believe how negative and critical her fans can be. The negative comments above are really troubling to me. I’m grateful for the twilight series and would support anything Stephenie does. She’ll get to midnight sun someday. Just be patient and thankful for what she’s given us already. Being critical and negative is good for no one. By the way steph, I really liked life and death. Wasn’t sure when I first heard about it, but it was awesome. Thanks!

    • I am not saying she didn’t have skills, obviously we are all on here because we were touched by her work – my issue is her entire attitude towards the Twilight fandom and then a silly and childish response to another author’s work. This isn’t a ‘negative’ (as you repeated three times) response to her stories, just her in general and I’m sorry, but not sorry, it is even funnier that she has made the remarks she did and then wrote L&D. People have different opinions and reactions to personalities, that’s life.

  8. Nicolette Chothia says

    I cannot believe some of the negative comments I just read. I love the Twilight Saga and I would also love to read Midnight Sun. However, art can’t be rushed. I would rather wait for Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun, then beg her to finish it for the sake of her fans and then give us something that she was not sufficiently inspired to write.

    We have no right to critise how she feels about Grey in relation to Midnight Sun. I understand why she would feel the way she does. I would feel the same. I am incredibly thankful that her mom desperately wants her to finish Midnight Sun as well. That gives me hope that one day I will eventually have a copy to complete my Twilight collection.

    Until then, I will continue to re-read Twilight because it is a beautiful story.

  9. papas sitter finished midnight sum and all the books from Edwards point of view. She did an excellent job. I wish Stephanie Meyers would have finished it, but I have been reading these and I cannot put them down. She copyrights and acknowledges all of Stephanie Myers work

  10. Palassiter. I hate auto correct sometimes

  11. elizabeth says

    Please please finish Midnignt Sun Stephanie, I support you so much and this series means so much to me. It almost feels like you don’t like us fans, and it hurts that you keep torturing us this way 🙁 it’s been 7 years Steph please finish it. We are STILL begging, what more can we do? This sucks..