Bill Condon Enjoyed Twilight Experience

Bill Condon just did an interview about his upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie and he referenced his Twilight experience.


Did you have a good experience making the “Twilight” films?

I did enjoy it. There were so many things I enjoyed about it. It was tricky but I liked the contract with the audience that was involved in making those movies. I like the fact that there were these expectations with how things would be done. And then you change them and then they get upset. It’s very satisfying to win them over and convince them that it was worth doing. But, more than anything, I do think we live in this culture that’s so busy, cluttered. It’s such a luxury to know that there are people who are waiting with obsession and love for something. I have to say I sort of feel that about “Mr. Holmes” too. We also live in a movie world or entertainment world for good or for bad — in many ways for bad — where people demand a certain familiarly walking into the theater. They want to feel like they know something [laughs]. And that’s sort of what was so useful about “Holmes,” that there’s a sense of purity, that there’s a shared knowledge you can play off of.


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Aside from the Mr. Holmes, Condon’s next project is a live action Beauty and the Beast movie for Disney


  1. I loved twilight an now im left heart broken cuz it was taken away. I want more how selfish is it to give a great gift an love just to have it taken from you. I don’t want changes I don’t want different names I don’t want different people I want more of twilight. she left it open she can bring it back. please talk to her an tell her how important it really is. im not ready to give it up.