Video of Google Hangout #Austenland Chat with Stephenie Meyer

Janes Night InMy book club had a great opportunity last weekend to hold a Janes Night In party!  We were able to watch Austenland and were sent a whole host of goodies, including a bingo board filled with fun quotes and images from the film.  To top off the night, we were able to chat with Stephenie Meyer about Austenland!  There was another chat that took place after ours, so I have included both videos.  Stephenie gives lots of behind the scenes information on set decoration and script changes.  







  1. NyghtCircus says:

    You guys had a really fun night, and I loved the questions. Stephenie looks so adorable as a red head, I can’t wait to see Down a Dark Hall in the theatre. I wonder if the setting will take place in the 1970s as the original period or present time.

  2. Thank you for posting the chats with Stephenie and the fansites. Great Q & A. I’m really excited about the projects Fickle Fish has in the pipeline. Good job to all and continued success to Stephenie & Crew!

  3. shelley (@dorynaturalblue) says:

    Thanks guys for posting this! Stephenie… Amazing as always! 🙂

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